Thursday, May 8, 2014

HI Life: Ehukai Pillboxes

I ran into this hike while trying to find something for our hiking group to go to. I love finding places near our home that won't take all day. This is located in North Shore and you park in the parking lot of Sunset Elementary. The entrance to the Hike is right across the parking lot and you will see a opening in the trees. The day we went there was a good fellow clearing the trail.
Our hiking group
The hike is pretty short and we took our kiddos with us the second time we went. The first part is a little steep and there are some ropes along that part you can hold on to. It is best to go when it has not rained since it can get a little slippery and muddy. After you get passed that part the rest of it is pretty flat. Some of the trees are marked with ribbon or paint you can follow to the first bunker. They are hard to spot in my opinion.
Kiddos Climbing using the rope 
Flat part of trail
Along the path there where tons of tree with this fruit and hiker we encountered told us they where apple guavas. They where very yummy and on my second time on this hike I took a bag to bring some back but they had all dried up by then boooo!
Apple Guava
After you visit the first bunker if you go to the right of it you can go down to a second bunker. That part is rocky but still double. On this hike we had our kids ages 4-8 years,a pregnant girl, and a dog and they all did fine on this hike.
View from the top