Sunday, September 29, 2013

School Lunch and Snack week 6

Lunch: lil' smokies, beans, cheese, mandarins, grapes,plum, yogurt. Snack: pretzel, dry fruit, yogurt covered raisins.

Lunch: Sandwich, cheese puffs, tummies, grapes. Snack:Granola, banana chips, pistachios, pretzels, sunflower seeds.

Lunch: Hotdog, string cheese, pretzel with Nutella, clementine. Snack banana chips, sesame sticks, grapes

Lunch: Lasagna, apples, grapes, toast, fritos. Snack : apple, and dry fruit

Lunch: Beagle Pizza, carrot, snap peas, clementine, veggie fries. Snack Pretzels dry plum and yogurt

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