Saturday, August 10, 2013

Teacher Gift

This years teacher gift was put together right at the last minute even thought I had been thinking about it all summer. Why???? Well this morning around 9:30am I got a phone call that he got into one of the charter school that we where on the waiting list for!! Very excited but boy oh boy am I tired of running around trying to get ready since their first day of school is TOMORROW! The school on base they start Friday so that's what I was preparing for. I had to go find a uniform, buy school supplies and return stuff that the charter schools list does not ask for.

About the gift I got the idea from a friend. She did a tag that said "hope you have a peachy keen first day." She added the book "Each Peach Pear Plum" and added peach candle, tea, a mug and couple other items. I loved it and thought I would "copy" her. Well that did no work out so well since I was put in rush mode this morning and Barnes and Nobles did not have that book. So this is what i came up with. Well I hope my little gift can inspire  you. 

I did the tag on my computer. I added blue ribbon and stickers. 
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