Saturday, August 17, 2013

School Lunch Week 2

This week was Mason first whole week of school! He did wonderful and hope its like this the rest of the year. This is our weeks worth of packed lunches. At his school I need to pack a lunch and an afternoon snack. 

 Beans and rice, veggie fries, carrots, potato and zucchini, shredded chicken, and a flour tortilla in the alumni wrap. In the small container I put a treat I think I put a couple of M&Ms. For snack time some strawberries and a cherry...yes just one because he does not like them very much.  


P&J banana roll ups, string cheese, chips, mandarins. For snack goldfish and a strawberry. 


I forgot to take a picture that morning but this is the left overs. the lunch box is a two tear bento box. The bottom tray it was a turkey and cheese sandwich, carrots and cauliflower. Its suppose to be in the shape of a dinosaur don't judge it was my first time using the cutter. The one he ate looked much better. The top tray had strawberries and pirate booty. Found out the pirate booty does not do well in the lunch box probably because of the moister of the ice pack they get stale quick. For snack it was a granola bar

Using our new lunch box! Cauliflower Alfredo linguini, peas, garlic bread, mandarins, and veggie fries. For snack a granola bar. 


Homemade bagel pizza, fruit, carrots and cucumbers with ranch dressing, pretzels. For snack raisins, cashews, granola bar.

He has been pretty good about eating his lunch the days he had left overs he will usually eat it in the car on our way back from school or snack on it at home. For drink I send him with a bottle of water.

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