Saturday, August 10, 2013

School lunch Week one

So my little guy is a kindergartner this year! Ill have to write a post on our first day but this one is about his lunch. At his school they do not offer a lunch or snack so parents provide that. Fine with me since I was already preparing stuff for him at home. His school does not have any specific rules on lunches like no peanut butter and stuff like that. The only think they do ask is for snack time do not send sweets and sugary snacks. 

cheese and turkey rolls, apples, pirate booty, and fruit rope. For snack it was a granola bar and yogurt. 

Chicken and zucchini quesadilla, beans, veggie sticks and oranges. The little bear container I put a treat two mini marshmallows. For snack pretzels and strawberry. 
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