Friday, August 23, 2013

Manitou Springs Penny Arcade

Bucket List check

We decided to go to Manitou Springs to go to their Penny Arcade. I LOVE this little town! They have lots of little shops and places to eat so you could really spend a whole day there. I first heard of it when I was looking for things to do in Colorado Springs to add to our bucket list. We want to try to do as much as possible before we have to PCS. I got the information form the web site Spring Bargains. The Arcade is located right behind Patsy' Candies ( a great stop for ice cream and funnel cakes)

I believe I took about $10 in change to use between my husband, Mason, and I, but I still had money left at the end of the day. They have lots of video games ranging from 1 cent to about $1. They also have lots of riding toys but we did not go to them since Mason is more into video gaming. The arcade is divided into a couple of different buildings and outside. Most of the penny and 5 cent ones are in one building. We tried to play most of the games that gave tickets so Mason could get a price. He was more interested in the modern games compared to the older ones. My husband on the other hand would disappear and come back and share with us "They have games I played as kid." Im not much of a gamer so I enjoyed watching the boys play. This is a definite stop when we are back to that town.

The pictures below are from around Manitou Springs

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