Thursday, August 8, 2013

First day of kindergarten

My little guy is growing up he has officially started school. It was a very difficult day for mommy! So I woke up super early I was scared I was going to sleep in or be rushing out the door which I did not want since I wanted to take pictures. I walked in the school and the vice principal said they needed to go into the classroom first and then parents would be able to join them. Can I tell you my heart started racing I had to let go of him. It was a couple meets that we had to wait but felt like hours. When I walked in the room he was coloring. I got some pictures of him at his desk and the child goes "mom stop." He gave his teacher his gift and I lingered a little longer and my child goes "mom go" ummmm really. I go give him a kiss and the kid puts his head down. Okay is he already feeling embarrassed because he needs to realize he has years coming of mommy embarrassing him more like a lifetime of this. I left the school sat in the car and well I cried. When I picked him up he was so happy. He said he liked it a lot and asked if we where going to come back. I said yes and he raised his arms and said yayyyyy. Seeing him happy and knowing he had fun made it so much easier for me to drop him off the next day

This is Wednesdays uniform at his school minus is cardigan since we have not received it yet.
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