Saturday, August 24, 2013

Denver Museum of Nature and Science

A resent friend I met at Masons gymnastics class invited us to go up to Denver to the Museum of Nature and Science. we got there about 10am and left about 3-4 and we still did not get to do everything. The exhibits we got to see where Space Odyssey, Gems and Minerals, and the Discovery Zone. We also got to see the Sesame Street Movie in the Planetarium and an IMAX movie about Sharks.

From the three exhibits we visited our least favorite was the Gems and Minerals. It was a bit to long for a 5 year old and to him it was just a bunch of not going to lie I felt the same way too. It was hard for me to actually see and read since I had Mason tugging at me saying "lets go to the next part." His Favorite one had to be the Discovery Zone. Its very kid friendly with lots of things for the little ones to explore. He loved both movies. In the planetarium it was cute to see the little kids interact with their favorite Sesame Street Characters Elmo and Big Bird. The Shark one Mason loved and actually sat through the whole movie with no problems. That one was about 1hr long so for me it was to long and we could have been okay with not seeing the last 25 min or so of it.

The negative thing about it is the drive to the museum from the springs its about 1.5hr away and this mama HATES driving. For next time I think it would be wise to get there earlier, pack a lunch or snacks to eat outside or just plan on eating there so we could look at all the exhibits.

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