Saturday, August 24, 2013

Lunch Ideas Album on Facebook

So I decided to put all of our lunch pictures on an album on Facebook so heres the link if you would like to look back at what I have made over the last couple of years.

Denver Museum of Nature and Science

A resent friend I met at Masons gymnastics class invited us to go up to Denver to the Museum of Nature and Science. we got there about 10am and left about 3-4 and we still did not get to do everything. The exhibits we got to see where Space Odyssey, Gems and Minerals, and the Discovery Zone. We also got to see the Sesame Street Movie in the Planetarium and an IMAX movie about Sharks.

From the three exhibits we visited our least favorite was the Gems and Minerals. It was a bit to long for a 5 year old and to him it was just a bunch of not going to lie I felt the same way too. It was hard for me to actually see and read since I had Mason tugging at me saying "lets go to the next part." His Favorite one had to be the Discovery Zone. Its very kid friendly with lots of things for the little ones to explore. He loved both movies. In the planetarium it was cute to see the little kids interact with their favorite Sesame Street Characters Elmo and Big Bird. The Shark one Mason loved and actually sat through the whole movie with no problems. That one was about 1hr long so for me it was to long and we could have been okay with not seeing the last 25 min or so of it.

The negative thing about it is the drive to the museum from the springs its about 1.5hr away and this mama HATES driving. For next time I think it would be wise to get there earlier, pack a lunch or snacks to eat outside or just plan on eating there so we could look at all the exhibits.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Manitou Springs Penny Arcade

Bucket List check

We decided to go to Manitou Springs to go to their Penny Arcade. I LOVE this little town! They have lots of little shops and places to eat so you could really spend a whole day there. I first heard of it when I was looking for things to do in Colorado Springs to add to our bucket list. We want to try to do as much as possible before we have to PCS. I got the information form the web site Spring Bargains. The Arcade is located right behind Patsy' Candies ( a great stop for ice cream and funnel cakes)

I believe I took about $10 in change to use between my husband, Mason, and I, but I still had money left at the end of the day. They have lots of video games ranging from 1 cent to about $1. They also have lots of riding toys but we did not go to them since Mason is more into video gaming. The arcade is divided into a couple of different buildings and outside. Most of the penny and 5 cent ones are in one building. We tried to play most of the games that gave tickets so Mason could get a price. He was more interested in the modern games compared to the older ones. My husband on the other hand would disappear and come back and share with us "They have games I played as kid." Im not much of a gamer so I enjoyed watching the boys play. This is a definite stop when we are back to that town.

The pictures below are from around Manitou Springs

School lunch week 3


Ham, Cheese, Crackers, mixed fruits and veggies with ranch dressing. For snack goldfish and pistachios.  


Melon and grape skewers, BBQ pulled chicken sandwiches, Mac and Cheese, Veggie fries. For snack apple. 


 Corn dog minni muffins recipe from Happy Good Times Blog, pretzels and strawberries. For snack wheat thins and dried fruit. 


Ham and cheese roll ups on whole wheat tortilla, glazed carrots, crackers, and strawberry and melon. For snack goldfish and dried fruit. 


P&J sandwich cut into a car using LunchPunch, yogurt, fruit rope, pretzels and melon. For snack grapes and sunflower seeds.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

School Lunch Week 2

This week was Mason first whole week of school! He did wonderful and hope its like this the rest of the year. This is our weeks worth of packed lunches. At his school I need to pack a lunch and an afternoon snack. 

 Beans and rice, veggie fries, carrots, potato and zucchini, shredded chicken, and a flour tortilla in the alumni wrap. In the small container I put a treat I think I put a couple of M&Ms. For snack time some strawberries and a cherry...yes just one because he does not like them very much.  


P&J banana roll ups, string cheese, chips, mandarins. For snack goldfish and a strawberry. 


I forgot to take a picture that morning but this is the left overs. the lunch box is a two tear bento box. The bottom tray it was a turkey and cheese sandwich, carrots and cauliflower. Its suppose to be in the shape of a dinosaur don't judge it was my first time using the cutter. The one he ate looked much better. The top tray had strawberries and pirate booty. Found out the pirate booty does not do well in the lunch box probably because of the moister of the ice pack they get stale quick. For snack it was a granola bar

Using our new lunch box! Cauliflower Alfredo linguini, peas, garlic bread, mandarins, and veggie fries. For snack a granola bar. 


Homemade bagel pizza, fruit, carrots and cucumbers with ranch dressing, pretzels. For snack raisins, cashews, granola bar.

He has been pretty good about eating his lunch the days he had left overs he will usually eat it in the car on our way back from school or snack on it at home. For drink I send him with a bottle of water.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Teacher Gift #2

We had open house tonight and why not give the teacher another little gift. I made the baggy,the flower and the tag on the Cricut. I got her a hand lotion and hand sanitizer to go along with the "hand" theme tag.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Teacher Gift

This years teacher gift was put together right at the last minute even thought I had been thinking about it all summer. Why???? Well this morning around 9:30am I got a phone call that he got into one of the charter school that we where on the waiting list for!! Very excited but boy oh boy am I tired of running around trying to get ready since their first day of school is TOMORROW! The school on base they start Friday so that's what I was preparing for. I had to go find a uniform, buy school supplies and return stuff that the charter schools list does not ask for.

About the gift I got the idea from a friend. She did a tag that said "hope you have a peachy keen first day." She added the book "Each Peach Pear Plum" and added peach candle, tea, a mug and couple other items. I loved it and thought I would "copy" her. Well that did no work out so well since I was put in rush mode this morning and Barnes and Nobles did not have that book. So this is what i came up with. Well I hope my little gift can inspire  you. 

I did the tag on my computer. I added blue ribbon and stickers. 

School lunch Week one

So my little guy is a kindergartner this year! Ill have to write a post on our first day but this one is about his lunch. At his school they do not offer a lunch or snack so parents provide that. Fine with me since I was already preparing stuff for him at home. His school does not have any specific rules on lunches like no peanut butter and stuff like that. The only think they do ask is for snack time do not send sweets and sugary snacks. 

cheese and turkey rolls, apples, pirate booty, and fruit rope. For snack it was a granola bar and yogurt. 

Chicken and zucchini quesadilla, beans, veggie sticks and oranges. The little bear container I put a treat two mini marshmallows. For snack pretzels and strawberry. 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

First day of kindergarten

My little guy is growing up he has officially started school. It was a very difficult day for mommy! So I woke up super early I was scared I was going to sleep in or be rushing out the door which I did not want since I wanted to take pictures. I walked in the school and the vice principal said they needed to go into the classroom first and then parents would be able to join them. Can I tell you my heart started racing I had to let go of him. It was a couple meets that we had to wait but felt like hours. When I walked in the room he was coloring. I got some pictures of him at his desk and the child goes "mom stop." He gave his teacher his gift and I lingered a little longer and my child goes "mom go" ummmm really. I go give him a kiss and the kid puts his head down. Okay is he already feeling embarrassed because he needs to realize he has years coming of mommy embarrassing him more like a lifetime of this. I left the school sat in the car and well I cried. When I picked him up he was so happy. He said he liked it a lot and asked if we where going to come back. I said yes and he raised his arms and said yayyyyy. Seeing him happy and knowing he had fun made it so much easier for me to drop him off the next day

This is Wednesdays uniform at his school minus is cardigan since we have not received it yet.