Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Teach Your Child to Read

I started working with My little guy on reading. I did some research and decided to go with the book "Teach Your Child To Read in 100 Easy Lessons." One thing that drew me into purchasing this book is that it had a script for me to follow. It  tells me how to present the material to him. The part that I say out loud is in red so it's very easy to follow. We where both super excited to start these lessons and we did them every morning after breakfast. By lesson 20 I think we both got a little frustrated ( mostly me) because he wanted to do other stuff and I just needed him to focus. As his mom I feel like I know what he is capable of achieving and when he does not perform I'm like "child I KNOW you can do this." I was feeling like he was not getting anything out of it, we where both getting upset at the situation so I decided to put the book down a couple of days. I want him to love reading and not see it as an assignment so I stepped back to reevaluate my approach. Seeing how some boys don't like reading much I did not want my approach to turn him off from reading. I thought to myself who says we have to do this in the mornings? Why can't we do it at night before bedtime when he is more calm and settled? Well that's what I did, right after bath time we started doing our "homework" as we call it and then we do our story time. It does add something extra to our bedtime routine but wow what a difference that simple change did. We are now in lesson 41 and he can actually read the little stories in the book. I do not  use the scripted part much now since we both know what comes next and what we need to do. He is so excited every night to do his homework and now it's takes us 10min or so to go through our lessons. It's very quick and very easy. 

The last part of each lesson has a writing assignment where your child just writes a couple of the letters they have learned. This was working great for us when we where doing it in the mornings since we were at a table. Now that we do it at night and in bed we skip this part. To supplement the writing part we do "Handwriting with out Tears." Ill do another post on just that book. 

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