Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Handwriting Without Tears

We got Handwriting Without Tears at the beginning of summer to work on Masons writing. Along with the workbook I got the Teacher Guide and chalkboard. I read through the teacher Manuel and its good if you what to add more things along with the workbook. Example they have songs, wooden letters, and extra activities. It also gives you access to their online printables. I ended up not using the teacher book since the work book is pretty easy to use.

This is the front of the book. We have the Letters and Numbers for Me and they do have several other books as well.

This is the inside of the book. At the top it shows you how to form the letter by writing it, with the wooden pieces and with the chalk board. Also the workbook has a shaded part to resemble the space they use on the chalk board. The very last letter they write the shaded area is removed so the kids just write on the line. 
What we use:
Chalk board 
Small piece of chalk 
A small bowl with water 
Small sponge
And a small paper towel

The sponge, chalk, and paper towel are small so they can be grabbed like a pencil. 

First I show Mason how to write the letter on the chalk board "E" for example would start at the top left corner. The chalk board has a happy face there. As I write I say Big line, frog jump (pick up chalk) back to the Happy Face. Then its little line, little line, and little line. 

Second Masons turn to trace what I wrote. He takes the wet sponge and traces the "E" repeating what he is doing big line, little line and so on. 

Third Mason takes the paper towel and traces it again and repeats what he is doing

 Fourth we blow on the chalk board and now it's ready for us to write on it again. 

Next I show him how to write it again but if he got it the first time then he writes on the board and repeats all the above steps. We do this a couple of times till he feels like he is ready to write on his big boy book. 

He writes his letter then he checks his work and if its all good there's a place for him to check mark. After that we color the picture. As extra practice I ask him to write the word by the picture. 

Mason has really enjoyed this workbook and he has always loved to color so after writing its a nice reward for him to color the picture. It's been very easy for me to do with him as we'll. Now that we have been doing it a couple of weeks we use our chalk board only if its a letter he has a hard time writing, that way he can practice before we get to the workbook. 

Here he is working on the letter "O"

Also this book teaches capital letters first, then lower case, then numbers. Here's the table of contents so you can see the order which they are taught since its not an ABC order.  (ill get better pics of the table o content tomorrow)

Here is the link to Handwriting Without Tears website if you would like to get more information

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