Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ski Cooper

Went skiing today for the first time. We had a great time and for my first time not to bad. I do have to say the first "baby" slope I tried gave me false interpretation of my actual skill level compared to my husband. I thought I had it! Never fell and was able to go up 4x with out falling while my husband struggled to stay on his feet. This definitely gave me a big head knowing I could do something better than him. W had lunch at their restaurant. Food was okay we had hamburgers fries n drink its was $24. Next time I would bring our own food and snacks. After lunch I was feeling brave since I did conquer the little slope it was time to go to the higher up one. The ski lift was scary for me and ounce we got to the top as soon as we got off we both ate some major snow! I should have figured this was a quick look into what I was about to experience! I had the hardest time staying up and as soon as I would pick up speed I would freak out and fall hard! So for 90% of that slope I was Rolling in snow! Now for some odd reason hubby had the hang of it better than me .... All I have to say the little slope lied to me because I was awful at it! Second time around I did much better only fell 1x a much better improvement ! Over all it was a wonderful experience and I can't not wait to try it again