Sunday, December 1, 2013

We made it

Finally we are here PARADISE! We are so excited to be back on the island. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Hawaii bound

Since we where going to PCS to Hawaii and had to drive our veichle to California we decided to spend two weeks there.

We road the Metro for the first time EVER!

Had dinnet at the Santa Monica Pier and enjoyed the beautiful sunset. 

Best part we got to spend time at Disneyland. 

He got his first skateboard

Sunday, October 20, 2013

The North Pole Colorado

I know its October but this is one of the places I wanted to take Mason before PCSing next month. This place is located by the entrance to drive up to Pikes Peak. Here is their website and where you can get all the info at. This month they where running a special for Military families so I joined up with two other military mamas and took the kiddos. This was a perfect place for my five year old. He was able to get on all the rides either by himself or with an adult.  We went on a Friday so we hardly had to wait in any lines and he was able to ride multiple times.Im sure it gets very busy in December. We packed our own lunch and they had picnic tables to sit at. They have food on site but I figured it was cheeper to pack and by the time our friends got their food we where done eating so we did not waste anytime waiting on food. Also when we went it was cold so make sure to dress in layers. The rides are a lot like carnival/fair rides but your entrance pays for unlimited rides. No cash is exchanged inside the the park, instead they give you a ticket for each person in your party and when you buy food or souvenirs the cashiers writes in down on your ticket. On your way out you must return EVERY ticket even if they where not written on it and thats when you pay for everything at ounce. I like this idea so you don't have multiple charges on your card but kinda sticks you have to keep up with these cards.  Not sure what they would do if you lost it. If you like Christmas ornaments on your way out they have an awesome selection of ornaments. They have ornaments at the gift shop, the post office, ornament shop (they have the most) and at the entrance of the park. I was able to find a porcelain Santa elf on sale for $5. They also a boys gift shop and a girls gift shop. We went to the boys side they had cars, train, LEGOs, guns, candy....everything little boy like! Enjoy the pictures and would love to know what yall think about this place.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Little Mermaid Centerpiece

Made this for my friends little girl who turned 6 this week. I loved how it turned out. I think for next time ill try finding a cute vase to put the picks in. What do you think comment below.

Cricut Card : Little Mermaid

Used the Cricut Cartridge Dreams come True for the Mermaid and the leaves.

Cricut Card : Disney Cars

Used the Cricut Disney Cars Cartridge for the Mater

Friday, October 4, 2013

School Lunch and Snack 9

Daddy packed lunch this day bless him he had a hard time and had no clue what to pack

Lunch Sandwich, mandarins and veggie fries. Snack dried fuit, goldfish, sesame sticks..

Lunch Sandwich, banana chips, strawberry, dried fruit. Snack clementine and pretzels. 
Lunch watermelon, grapes, chicken and veggies, pretzels. Snack strawberry, sunflower seeds, almonds, and pistachios.  

My FIRST EVER halloween inspired lunch. Lunch sandwich, watermelon, pretzels. For the spider web I melted chocolate and traced with it on wax paper. 

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Teacher Gift #3 Fall

My little guy goes on Fall break today so I decided to send his teacher a little gift. The tag I made with things I already had and for the gift it was a Bath and Body Works Pumpkin hand soap and a little Halloween Stationary I picked up at Michaels. 

Cricut Card

Baby Shower Card using the Cricut Cartridge B is for Boy

Cars Centerpiece

My friends little guy is turning one next week. His theme is cars so i put my Cricut to use and with the help of Pinterest I made this. I got the idea from this site the290ss. What do yall think?

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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Pikes Peak

This week we took the opportunity to drive up to Pikes Peak. This was one of my items on my bucket list for Colorado. There is a fee to go up the mountain and they do offer Military discounts. The drive was beautiful and quiet. Along the way up there are scenic spots to stop by and there are three gift shop. We where a little bit unprepared for the temperature especially my husband who decided to wear just a t-shirt. My first recommendations if you plan to go is dress in layers, take one good heavy coat, wear long pants and sleeves. It might be hot at the bottom but be prepared for it to be cold at the top. Since we did not have coats we did not really get to take a lot of pictures because we where freezing. Second, pack some snacks and a lunch you can enjoy at the top. The gift shop at the top does have food but to me it was pricey $5 for just a drink or fries that cost extra. N/e here are some pictures

Cricut Card

Quick project for today using Cricut cartridge Opposites Attract, Plantin Schoolbook, and some alphabet stamps from stampin' up 

School Lunch and Snack week 8

 Mondays lunch tortilla roll ups with banana P&J watermelon, pretzel, juice, string cheese. Snack grapes

 Tuesday lunch pizza bites, grapes, clementines, goldfish,juice. Snack granola and yogurt raisins. 

Wednesday lunch spaghetti with meat balls, grapes,crackers. Snack pretzels and fruit rope

Thursday lunch nachos yogurt and watermelon Snack grapes, crackers, ham

Friday lunch chicken quesadilla , grapes, veggie fries. Snack granola and banana chips.

School Lunch and Snack week 7

Monday lunch chicken noodles and veggies, rice, clementine, pretzel crisp. Snack grapes, granola, pistachios

 Tuesday lunch Turkey and cheese slider , grapes, crackers, applesauce. Snack dried fruit and nuts. 

 Wednesday lunch P&J sandwich, mixed fruit, veggie sticks. Snack crackers and turkey.

Thursday Lunch ham and cheese roll ups, grapes, apples, pretzels. Snack granola and clementines

Friday lunch chicken quesadilla,rice,chips,watermelon. Snack almonds and grapes.