Friday, November 16, 2012

Denim Day

So today it was Denim day at work.

This is what wore:
Jewelry- Premier( earring n bracelet got from hosting a party necklace Goodwill $3.99)

Talbots button down shirt-goodwill $3.99 (love the detail on the collar)

White jacket- given to me by a friend

Skinny jeans- American Eagle Outfitters from awhile back

Belt- Goodwill $1.99

Shoes- Nine West flats $15 Becky's Shoes local store.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thrifty fashion

If you know me you know how I love bargains. Most of the items I wear come from my favorite "boutique" ....The Goodwill. In 2010 when I came home to Georgia my mom introduced me to some thrift shops around town. Instantly I was hooked. I realized I could find my favorite brands super cheep and in great condition if I just really looked. Finding great items at low prices is like a drug to me. It's very exciting! I tell friends that go for the first time to not give up if they don't find something that first day. To me I find it that its about some luck and going to them frequently. For example we just got a Goodwill in town (insert super excited face here) so I know at my Goodwill I find it best to go on a Sunday. They tag their stuff with a color and each week the color changes which means the color of the week is half off the item. Well a worker told me their color changes every Sunday so if I go a Sunday I am more likely to find more items half of than a Saturday when ppl have already bought most if the stuff during the week. Every time I have gone on a Saturday I dont have luck.

So this is what I wore today
Earrings- Premier Jewelry (free after hosting a party)
Scarf- free for hosting a Premier Jewelry party
Cardigan- Sears on sale for $3.99
Belt- Goodwill about $3
JCrew Corduroy pants-Goodwill $4.99
Steve Madden boots- Goodwill $5.99