Thursday, December 13, 2012


So today I experienced a total Fail with my little guy.
Background story at the beginning of the school year they have us a calendar of events well that's what I go by.
Last week they sent a paper home saying it was going to be pajama day and polar express day. Well this mama did not notice the date had changed I just assume it was going to be for 12/14 that's Tomorrow since that's whats on my original calendar of events. Well this morning as I walked in to school first thought " masons teacher sure is dressed weird today" looked around some more and noticed everyone is wearing pjs!!! Not only that but the teacher informs me that they have to school on friday they are off for the holidays. Makes sense why pajama day was today and not tomorrow!
So what did I do ... Called work that I was going to be late! I could not get over the thought of all his classmates wearing pjs and then here is my kid with no pjs. I went home picked up some pjs and the teacher gifts I had bought for Christmas ( luckily I did plan those ahead of time) and drove back to school.

Ok you might be thinking that's my fail but it's not!

I had picked up two pjs since I know my child is picky and is better if I give him a choice.

I asked "Mason do you want to wear pjs like your friends"


"Ok choose the one you want"

He chooses his grinch pjs

I'm changing him


Mason- "mommy you FORGOT"

Yes ppl my heart sunk " yes baby I did forget And I'm very sorry"

In the process of changing him not only did he remind me I forgot but he told me 3x!!!


But being late to work worth it just to make sure my little guy is taken care even if I did forget. Makes me think how many more times this will happen!

Has stuff like this happen to you as a mom???
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