Monday, October 8, 2012


I remember when blogging use to be something I did all the time during pregnancy and the first months of Mason life. Sharing all of our experiences sitting down at the end of the day Journaling what we did. Little by Little the time I have committed to blogging has been dwindling and I wonder how other mamas do it with more than one child in the home. When I was a stay at home mom it was something I could do on a regular bases, but now working full time and chasing around a PRESCHOOLER (yes I can not believe that) I completely enjoy early bed times, quite time, and watching my grown up shows minus Desperate Housewives "sigh". Every time I write something new I always say Im going to keep writing this time but yet again I find myself months later saying the same thing. enough about that....

Lately I have been thinking about this a lot;

I remember in the beginning of my journey as a mom questioning Gods purpose for. "Is this it for me being a stay at home mom FOREVER?" Wonderful ladies from my church playgroup where very encouraging and that this feeling would pass it was just a season of my life. Four years later working full time I completely miss being a home maker full time. I enjoyed teaching my son, preparing every meal for him (even though it was time consuming I loved making his bento lunches)and my husband. Four years ago I thought there was more out there for me not realizing then how happy that role made me. Im grateful that God provided me with a Husband that is able to take care of us and after some hard times we realized how we took those days for grated. Now we find ourselves dreaming of getting back to those times. Looking back I know we have to travel this journey that we are on if not how else would you know what we love doing what we are meant to do. Enough looking back at what it was!
Im looking forward to what it will be, how more amazing the journey will be because of the past. Its so much more significant now.

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