Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Super Mario Birthday Candy Bar

This was the candy bar I set up for Masons Bday

I used a mold for Mustaches, Jelly beans for Yoshi eggs, Twizzlers for the beanstalk plant, fire balls for fire power, and i got the Kellogs Mario gummies too.  

Toad pops are marshmallows dipped in red chocolate and used white sprinkles for the spots. 

I got these flowers after easter .50 cents for a bag of 10 and I got three bags

Wii remote chocolate remotes used a mold I got from Amazon. Ended using 4 bags of chocolate that iI got at Michael's. This was my favorite it added a nice touch to our Mario theme. 

I loved how it turned out. The wall decals in the background of our table I got from Amazon. The goodie bags i got from the Dollar Store. The three cady jars I got from Hobby Lobby when they where having 50% off their glass wear. 

A behind the scenes shot of my sister in law doing the Toad Pops she was a great help and made most of the pops.
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