Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Piranha Plant

I made this for Masons Super Mario Part. I love how it turned out and it looked great at the party. I used a styrofoam ball cut a "V" and hollowed out the middle to put candy in it. I got the styrofoam ball at hobby loby and used a 40% coupon on it, ended paying around $5. I painted it read, cut circles and triangles from white felt (.23 cents a sheet used two)  to make the spots and the teeth. For the stem I used a dowel (.50 cents) and covered it with green felt (.23 cents a sheet).  I cut leaves from the remanding green felt and stitch some details the leaves with thread i already had at home. I went to Lowes and found the cheapest PVC pipe they had which was around $6. I spray painted it green (.99cents can from Walmart. I made a whole in the center of the head to put the dowel in and glued it in place. To keep the dowel in place in the pvc pipe I used more styrofoam ($1) stuck the dowel in the center and glued it to the pvs pipe.  To prevent it from going through the bottom of the pvc pipe I glued cardboard at the bottom

so this little project cost around $13
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