Monday, March 5, 2012

Care packages

My coworkers have been so wonderful in donating items to be sent over seas to Rauls company. As soon as I mentioned if they wanted to help our donation box was just overflowing with goodies.  So far we have been able to send 4 boxes! This is what we sent this week:

One box is going to a specific female soldier and the other is packed with stuff that they can all divide up. With that box I ended packing small containers with candy, gum and chapstick, and zip-lock bags with hygiene stuff so its easy for Raul to pass out. 

Not being near a military base around others that just "know" your situation is hard but I am so grateful that where ever God take us in our journey we have always been surrounded by wonderful people. I am amazed when I think about all the people that have came into our lives and have become party of our family!
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