Thursday, February 23, 2012

What's for the future

One of the things I have never liked about our military life is not knowing what will happen next. At this point not only are we dealing with deployment but also reenlisting. It's very frustrating on me because I'm the type of person that needs to know what's next, I needs plans, I need an agenda! I know God knows this about me and always puts the same trials maybe I will learn to let go, have more trust in Him with this part of my life.

Care Packages:
Raul got the two packages that where sent from work for all the soldiers but he still has not gotten the one i sent for Valentines day. Its been two weeks already. Im hoping not every package takes this long. As soon as he gets it I will post a picture of we we put in it. Im already collecting items for our next package. This one will include some much needed hygiene supplies and just some stuff to make him smile. Raul makes the hygiene part somewhat difficult on me because I like buying what is on sale and cheep, he loves his brand name stuff and wont change it for nothing!

He is doing very good. We are thinking about about signing him up for soccer but we just have to see about 1. the cost 2. time. Since now I work I feel like we are definitely missing out on a lot of stuff we use to do. Some how we will make it work with the schedule we have now. Mason asked a bout daddy all the time and I tell him he is at work in Afghanistan. I need to get a world map so we can see where its at. He enjoys seeing pictures we get from daddy. He prays for daddy every night and it melts my heart to hear him  and the things he says. Preschool applications come out next week and Mason if chosen (lottery preschool) can start school in August...YIKES! Ill have a 4 year old, where has time gone!

The power of Prayer:
Recently we have had a couple of deaths and accidents with in our communities youth.  So if we can pray for our youth for healing, for them to love one another, and let go of any racial differences. In times like this we need unity! 
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