Friday, February 10, 2012

Deployment starts

So ounce again we are going through a deployment. This time my hubby has been deployed to Afghanistan. It feels like our first deployment since its a new location and he is with a new unit. I do not know what to expect and it is a little scary. I feel like the toughest part of this deployment will be Mason. He is a very active and talkative three year old that now asks for daddy. Last deployment he had just learned how to say mommy and daddy! I have definitely been praying for wisdom in this area and raising Mason. He says daddy went on a plane and he asked to talk to him on the computer. He LOVES seeing daddy on the web cam and they just make silly faces at each other. I love hearing Mason laugh and have a good time with daddy. This week we went shopping to send daddy his first care package. Mason had a lot fun putting it together and decorating it.( I will post pic of what we put in it ounce Raul receives it.)

Im going to try and wright about our care packages and just deployment stuff during this year. I wont promises my consistency as you can tell from the time laps of the last blog, but ill try. Keep our family and the rest of the soldiers in your prayers as we go through this separation.
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