Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What am I Reading

My wonderful friend Lisa sent me "Letting go of Anger" By Annie Chapman. Im not even to the half way point yet but I had to share it. This week God has really been tugging at my heart about the kind of wife and mother He wants me to be. On of the first questions in this book and that has been on my mind every day is How do you want people to remember you. I surely do not want people to say that I was to quick to anger, to raise my voice, or that I would always let my tongue have full control. James 3:6 says "And the tongue is a fire, a world of iniquity. The tongue is so set among our members that it defiles the whole body, and sets on fire the course of nature; and it is set on fire by hell." This is my biggest struggle controlling my tongue its what gets me in trouble. This week I have thought about what comes out of my mouth and if it is things that is good or evil. I know I have came a long way with my anger, I believe Mason has a lot to do with that since I want to be a good example to him. Still I know that God has still work to do in my heart and its up to be to me keep my eyes on Him. I also realized that my prayers where directed to other people but I need to look at myself and ask Him to forgive ME and change ME because I am a sinner too! Luke 14:11 says " For everyone who exalts himself shall be humbled, and he who humbles himself shall be exalted." I love how God works, this same verse I heard this sunday at church and its the same verse I read in this book. Hopefully as I continue to read this book I will learn better way to "letting go."
My other struggle is diving into the Bible but a way that I have found it easier is to download the YouVersion Bible app to my phone. The way its set up its very easy to see what have you read and choose a plan that helps you. I have chosen to do a read the bible in a year plan have had to do a couple of "catch me ups" but im not giving up I even got thru building of the tabernacle!

I hope these resources can also be helpful to you just as it has been to me. I will let you know how I am feeling at the end of this book Im excited and looking forward to the changes God has planned in my life!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Mason singing

So I wanted to share these videos from our youtube Channel of Little man singing. He is adorable he sometimes walks around the house singing "oh how I love Jesus" it makes my heart melts.

Potty Training

So I am excited to report we have taken the task of potty training. I will say I thought it would take forever for this child to want to use the potty. It is still a work in progress but I thought Iwould share some things we have done and learned so far.

First of I want to share the two books that I read
1. "The No-Cry Potty Training Solution" By Elizabeth Pantley
2. "Potty Training Boys the Easy Way" By Caroline Fertleman

This were very easy reads and I read both of them in two days. I had read the "No Cry Sleep Solution" when Mason was a baby and I really enjoyed it and I have to say the same about the potty book. Ounce Mason was ready there where no tears about it. I had to change my views about it and read him and not force him into going. The second book was helpful in well im a girl and I found out I knew very little about boys going to the potty. For one the no need for toilet paper when they go pee pee I have to say I was like really?...lol I learned many other things to help Mason but I rather not share..lol.

We had tried going to the potty before but it was so stressful! Now I realize Mason was not ready and I was pushing and I really had not looked into what would work for him. Ounce we started, it helped that out friends where staying with us and their little girl was potty trained so we talked a lot about how she went to the potty in the toilet and not her underwear. We had a little potty but it seemed like he had no interest in it so we went to Walmart and he choose this "Cars" potty seat that goes over the regular toilet. I was amazed at how much difference this potty seat made in him being interested in using the bathroom. During the day I put underwear on him and kept taking to the bathroom and rewarding with jelly beans for going pee pee. He got the hang of that pretty quickly and the candy helped out a lot. Well ounce he got the hang of it he was peeing in the potty all the time and I realized he was earning way to many jelly beans!! So we talked about how he was doing so good going pee pee that we would only use jelly beans if he went poo poo. Slowly we started cutting back on the jelly beans and in exchange he got extra praises and high fives and mama dancing in the bathroom.He enjoys the dancing part. He does pretty good now he has some accidents here and there but thats okay as soon as he feels a little wet he calls me and we run to the bathroom and he finishes there.

Now #2 has been a totally different experience! He had had two accidents in the past before we started potty training. One he was naked getting ready to go in the shower and the second time he was in the shower. These two incidents made him very scared. It took awhile for him to overcome his fear. Ounce again we talked about it and told him how we all go #2 (I told him what it was but it just feels weird writing it so thats why im using #2..lol). Ounce again it was helpful my friends where staying here and their little girl would tell him too. This did take longer and we are still are working on it everyday. For the past week he was been understanding the "feeling" that goes with it. Even if it is gas he tells me he has to go potty. The last two days he has told me he farted and to excuse him and he laughs...he is a boy right!

We uses pullups at night and I still leave him in underwear during nap time. In the last month he has only had one accident during nap time and there are nights that he wakes up in the middle of the night saying he has to go potty. I think grasping the night time potty training will take a little longer since he loves drinking water at night and loves sleeping with a sippy cup with water next to him.

I have to say it was so much easier waiting for Mason to be ready and making it exciting for him to do it. Our close friends have been helpful in praising him when they are over and it makes him so happy!

This was back in Hawaii when we first started attempting to potty train with no luck but I should have realized then that he was not going to like using a little potty.

Happy little man using the toilet..oh and happy mom no more diapers!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mason is "3"!!!

My beautiful baby boy is 3...yes baby because thats what he will be to me forever..lol. The Zavala and the Strayer family helped us celebrate our little boys birthday party. We decided to go with an Angry Birds theme party since Mason loves that app. Here are the pics

Grace dyeing the modeling chocolate

Leza Frosting the cake

These are the bricks

Putting it all together before Mason comes back from soccer. The balloon idea I got from The Party Animal

The end product

Side View

The Dream team :)

Our Family

We also went to see the Sky Sox and it worked out great since we had free tickets. The redlollypop was the red angry bird from his cake.

Rock n Worship Roadshow

Leza and I went to the Rock n Worship roadshow and for $10 tickets we would not miss seeing Mercy Me!! If you know us when it comes to first come first serve seating we will get there as early as we can to get awesome seats. This was no exception! We got there around 10am and I had to go buy a blanket and gloves because it was so cold. Well getting there early paid off because we got seats 7 rows from the stage!! All the bands where amazing and we loved all of them except TFK they where great but soooo not our type of music. I have to say I loved seeing the young kids rocking out to these guys. Here are some pictures from that night. If you are on my FB you can see all the pics from that event.

Lil' Kickers

So Mason is playing soccer this year. This is the first sport activity that he has been involved in. We are supper excited for him and he loves it! We signed him up for a toddler program of LittleKickers . This is a parent involved class that daddy does with Mason. Its so funny to watch him do the different activities and it just amazes me how coordinated this kid is. Sometimes he just does not want to do the toddler activities and asks to go play with the older kids on the other side of the field. He thinks he is 8 and does not understand why he cant go play with them. We will see where he is at at the end of this class and maybe he can move up to the class with out Raul on the field with him.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Easter 2011

This year for Easter we went to our friends the Strayers. We had a potluck lunch with some very yummy food. We dont have a home church yet so we visited a local church for service and headed out to our friends house right after. We hid eggs for the two kiddos and they had a lot of fun. Even the big kids got into picking up eggs...ex my husband! The kids got there easter bags and with a new movie they sat with their snacks so the grown ups played board games. So big thanks to our wonderful friends they are truly like family to us. Even though we have not met people here we are blessed to these families in our lives.

My little kid and my big kid getting ready to go get some eggs

The papas helping out

Love this pic his face and priceless

Little Miss Camy, she would shake the eggs first to see if it was one with money it :)

Yup thats and egg

I know she will ask why in the world I put this pic on here but I think its a cute picture of her

Next year im going to have to get him a basket too

My handsome boy

Mason dumped all his eggs on the floor to open them, meanwhile, Camy was just taking out one by one out of her basket

"Closing" their eyes so that Raul"easter bunny" can get them their bags full of goodies

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter with their families!!