Monday, March 21, 2011

Meeting the Duggar Family

So Saturday I got the opportunity to go meet the Duggar family at Focus on the Family. I went with Leza and at any event that requires making line we are always there extra early to get good seats and this was no exception. Being there early paid off, we had time to go buy their book and got seats in the seventh row. When they first came in the sang, played the violin, the girls played. and the little ones sang. The kids went to the back and Jim-Bob and Michelle sat down and told us their life story. Even though I have been watching their show for awhile I had never heard their story before. I have to say it was amazing!! A true love story guided by God. The way they have decided to live their life is amazing and such a great example of the power of prayer and putting God first. Its encouraging to see a mom like Michelle she really inspires me to be a better mom, I mean if she can do it with 19 kids im sure I can do it with one right! So the most exciting part was the meet and greet. They where all so kind to wait so long for everyone to go thru the line. We waited three hours and there still was lots of people behind us. While making line they ask everyone to yell "on this episode of 19 kids and counting" and they interviewed us. They asked us what we liked about the Duggars and who was our favorite, needless to say we got a bit nervous and speechless. I started reading their book as soon as I got home and its a book i would recommend. They have such good advice and always having God in it!

Grandma Duggar signing my book

The family the little kids where playing in the slide in the kids are of Focus on the Family

I asked Jessa if i could take a picture of her and she said "with pleasure" These are such good kids. I have one and I pray that I am teaching him good but with the Duggars you can see the fruit they have produces with their older children. Im excited to see how much these kids will be able to accomplish especially having so much love for our Lord and Savior!!

**if i got her name wrong excuse me but there are just so many J's and they all look so much alike

The film crew was there too! I think this episode will air in April or May

Jim-Bob and Michelle telling us their life story and some Q&A

All the Duggars minus Jocy

Their Bus

After waiting three-four hours to get their autographs

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New Home

I never thought it was going to take us so long to find a place to live but thank God we have found a place. We have been here for about 2-3 weeks now and all the boxes have been unpacked. All the rooms are somewhat organized but let me tell you our storage is looking crazy. We need to have a day where we go thru all our stuff and get rid of some junk. Im sure Goodwill will be happy we have already given then two boxes full of stuff just in the short time we have lived here. We are so thankful the Strayers let us stay in their home but im so happy to have our own place now. I love Colorado but I have to admit I have shed some tears for Hawaii. I just LOVE the people there and how much they cared for one another and even strangers. I remember when I first move there how all the kids use to come to me and call me aunti I thought it was the weirdest thing ever. Oh how I miss that and I got so use to it, today while at Chik-fil-a story time I was telling Mason how auntie had a puppet. Ne enough about Hawaii right and being "homesick."

So this weekend we went to this place called Garden of the Gods. We went hiking and had lunch then hiked some more. I have to say it was beautiful and so relaxing. We went on a trail and met a lady walking her horse so we got to pet him. We came to a picnic are and had lunch while Mason decided he was going to play with sticks and rocks and talk to hikers. On our hike back to our car we decided to take a different trail and we could definitely feel the altitude we where breathing hard and the good thing for me was that by that time it was Rauls turn to carry Mason in the pack :). I cant seem to find the cord to my computer and im being very lazy about doing it in Rauls laptop where all I need to do is put the memory card in so I promise ill post pictures soon

*** ok pics added enjoy