Sunday, February 20, 2011

Playing in the snow Videos


So I have not blogged for awhile now we have been busy with our move. We have been in Colorado for about three weeks no. I have to say the first week the temperature change was brutal! We had a layover in Texas and our flight got canceled 2x because of the weather when we finally got to Colorado we where welcomed with a -4 temperature!! I have never been soooo cold. Thats what we get for living with sunshine for the past 5 years. Our luggage got delayed and we received in three days later so we had to go by some sweaters gloves ect. to get us thru because at the time we did not know when we would get our stuff. That same week it snowed about 8 inches. It was cold but I have to say it was the prettiest thing seeing such fluffy snow. Its very different from the "ice snow" that Georgia gets. Now, what was crazy is seeing everyone driving in that weather! Right now we are praying we find a place to live soon and are thankful to have friends that have opened their home to us while we look. Ne enjoy the pics we have taken :)

Playing in the snow and since we dont have any sleds and we came from Hawaii we used the next best thing a boogie board. Mason LOVED playing outside and sliding he did not want to come back inside. His nose was all red and snot was coming out but he did not care he cried when it was time to go

Raul had fun acting silly he made all of us laugh boogie boarding in the snow

Shoveling snow it was ankle deep we have never experienced anything like it
Very different temperature from Hawaii

Pro Bowl 2011

Our last day in Hawaii we went to the Pro Bowl. We had lots of fun and Mason loved it. Even now he still talks about this game.

Hubby getting autographs

Our Family

Daddy and son