Friday, September 23, 2011

Its been ages!

It seems that way since the last time I blogged. No I did not forget just have been very busy moving AGAIN. So as you last recalled we where in Hawaii moved to Colorado the hubby is deploying to I came to Georgia. Things have been pretty hectic for us. We miss Hawaii dearly and hope we can return one day. Colorado just was not our cup of tea. Georgia has been good its always good to be close to family and all the kids Mason can play with. It seems as time passes we always have new challenges than I thought we had conquer these couple of months bedtime. We have always had a set bedtime and a routine but all this moving around really messed up. Ounce we got into a routine in Colorado we moved here to Georgia and we are starting all over. Its harder this time around since I am a working girl now! Mason gets up 730 some days and other days he sleeps in with his Abuela, takes a nap around 1-2 and his bed time is still 8. Whether he takes a nap or not I have found out makes no difference in how long he stays up past his bed time so he might as well take a nap and give Abuela a break. He had been doing so well going to sleep on his own and now we are back to getting up putting him back in his bed, I pray this phase will too pass as have the other ones. Praying for lots of guidance!!