Friday, May 27, 2011

Potty Training

So I am excited to report we have taken the task of potty training. I will say I thought it would take forever for this child to want to use the potty. It is still a work in progress but I thought Iwould share some things we have done and learned so far.

First of I want to share the two books that I read
1. "The No-Cry Potty Training Solution" By Elizabeth Pantley
2. "Potty Training Boys the Easy Way" By Caroline Fertleman

This were very easy reads and I read both of them in two days. I had read the "No Cry Sleep Solution" when Mason was a baby and I really enjoyed it and I have to say the same about the potty book. Ounce Mason was ready there where no tears about it. I had to change my views about it and read him and not force him into going. The second book was helpful in well im a girl and I found out I knew very little about boys going to the potty. For one the no need for toilet paper when they go pee pee I have to say I was like really? I learned many other things to help Mason but I rather not

We had tried going to the potty before but it was so stressful! Now I realize Mason was not ready and I was pushing and I really had not looked into what would work for him. Ounce we started, it helped that out friends where staying with us and their little girl was potty trained so we talked a lot about how she went to the potty in the toilet and not her underwear. We had a little potty but it seemed like he had no interest in it so we went to Walmart and he choose this "Cars" potty seat that goes over the regular toilet. I was amazed at how much difference this potty seat made in him being interested in using the bathroom. During the day I put underwear on him and kept taking to the bathroom and rewarding with jelly beans for going pee pee. He got the hang of that pretty quickly and the candy helped out a lot. Well ounce he got the hang of it he was peeing in the potty all the time and I realized he was earning way to many jelly beans!! So we talked about how he was doing so good going pee pee that we would only use jelly beans if he went poo poo. Slowly we started cutting back on the jelly beans and in exchange he got extra praises and high fives and mama dancing in the bathroom.He enjoys the dancing part. He does pretty good now he has some accidents here and there but thats okay as soon as he feels a little wet he calls me and we run to the bathroom and he finishes there.

Now #2 has been a totally different experience! He had had two accidents in the past before we started potty training. One he was naked getting ready to go in the shower and the second time he was in the shower. These two incidents made him very scared. It took awhile for him to overcome his fear. Ounce again we talked about it and told him how we all go #2 (I told him what it was but it just feels weird writing it so thats why im using Ounce again it was helpful my friends where staying here and their little girl would tell him too. This did take longer and we are still are working on it everyday. For the past week he was been understanding the "feeling" that goes with it. Even if it is gas he tells me he has to go potty. The last two days he has told me he farted and to excuse him and he laughs...he is a boy right!

We uses pullups at night and I still leave him in underwear during nap time. In the last month he has only had one accident during nap time and there are nights that he wakes up in the middle of the night saying he has to go potty. I think grasping the night time potty training will take a little longer since he loves drinking water at night and loves sleeping with a sippy cup with water next to him.

I have to say it was so much easier waiting for Mason to be ready and making it exciting for him to do it. Our close friends have been helpful in praising him when they are over and it makes him so happy!

This was back in Hawaii when we first started attempting to potty train with no luck but I should have realized then that he was not going to like using a little potty.

Happy little man using the toilet..oh and happy mom no more diapers!

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