Monday, May 16, 2011

Easter 2011

This year for Easter we went to our friends the Strayers. We had a potluck lunch with some very yummy food. We dont have a home church yet so we visited a local church for service and headed out to our friends house right after. We hid eggs for the two kiddos and they had a lot of fun. Even the big kids got into picking up eggs...ex my husband! The kids got there easter bags and with a new movie they sat with their snacks so the grown ups played board games. So big thanks to our wonderful friends they are truly like family to us. Even though we have not met people here we are blessed to these families in our lives.

My little kid and my big kid getting ready to go get some eggs

The papas helping out

Love this pic his face and priceless

Little Miss Camy, she would shake the eggs first to see if it was one with money it :)

Yup thats and egg

I know she will ask why in the world I put this pic on here but I think its a cute picture of her

Next year im going to have to get him a basket too

My handsome boy

Mason dumped all his eggs on the floor to open them, meanwhile, Camy was just taking out one by one out of her basket

"Closing" their eyes so that Raul"easter bunny" can get them their bags full of goodies

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter with their families!!

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