Friday, January 21, 2011

FiveFingers KSO

So about a month ago my husband kept raving about these shoes and eventually went out and got them. He was trying to get me to go buy some but I was just not into them. I mean they look weird and I have very sensitive feet where I can not walk barefoot at all. The biggest thing that kept me from getting them was how they said you have to break them in and they might hurt in the beginning because you have to get use to the feeling of being barefoot. Also the hubby took me to the store and I just got frustrated because I could not get my pinky in there and told him I was not going to spend so much time to try to put shoes on. Well I went running with a gf and she wore her fivefinger shoes and I just wore my regular running shoes. I told her how my shins always hurt when I run. She told me she had the same problems until she started running with these shoes. Soooooo yup I got sold and bought me some. I just got them to day and only walked in them but so far I like how they feel on my feet. Ounce I run and workout in them ill let yall know what I think then
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