Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas get together

So today I had some friends over that I met at play group for a little Christmas gift exchange. The kids picked each others name a couple of days ago and they got to give each other gifts today. The grown ups did a white elephant gift exchange and we had a potluck dinner. Mason did very well giving his gift I was a little afraid he would not understand that it was for his friend Camy especially since it was a "Toy Story" toy (background: at PJs birthday he wanted to take the gifts home and had a temper tantrum about it) So I wanted for him to see what we where going to wrap for Camy and let him help me too. Well it really worked, when it came time to give the gift he went to get it and gave it to her to fuss about it! The white elephant gift exchange was funny when my friend Erin swapped hers for the unopened gift that was left I was tickled because it was what I had gotten. So I decided to get a plunger and some Over all very good day and the kids all seemed to get a long so that was a plus.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

November 2010

Wow November was a pretty busy month for us and its not going to slow down for the
next couple of months! Im very happy to report that the hubby is home from a year long deployment (Thank You Lord!). Its been a adjustment getting use to the changes that come with the homecoming but its been fun and rewarding to see Mason and him interact with each other. I was very happy that we where all together for Thanksgiving and grateful that I was able to host Thanksgiving to three single soldiers. I was a little nervous this year because I was using my MIL turkey recipe but it all turned out very well and im so happy we did not have so many leftovers as the years before. Ill post our november pics as soon as I upload them...its just so easy to take them its a different story on how long it takes me to put them on my computer!