Saturday, November 6, 2010

October Fun

We are starting to work on the letters of his name and here he is working on coloring the letter M. I have to say crayons have never really been of limits because he has always been very good but this week we had to put them away because he went on a coloring frenzy and colored all the walls in his room, hat rack, and train track. I hoping he got he learn not to do it again since he was not a happy camper when we had to wipe down the walls. Im glad he likes to help clean up though so it was not to bad.

He is helping make dinner we where having empanadas and he is making the tortilla to stuff it. He has really enjoyed helping out in the kitchen. Every time I am cooking he goes and gets his apron and want to put it on so I have to put him to do something on he side while I cook

He built a fort/garage for his trains and cars he does this all the time when he is playing with them. Sometimes he even gets a couple of pillows and another stool to make it bigger

We went to our church for a fall festival. Mason had so much fun and did not want to leave,
Little train engineer

Excited he put the ball in the catchers glove

And got a treat for it

playing some more games

Trying to move the pumpkin

This is the expression on his face after trying cotton candy for the first time