Wednesday, October 6, 2010

One thing ends and another begins

So I totally forgot to update yall when Mason wean himself. I believe it was about a month ago! He is growing up so fast. It was an amazing journey and im so thankful to all the mamas that helped us thru this the last two year. Now this journey has ended for Mason but this week he has been saying when he needs to go to the potty. The last three nights he goes to bed and then gets up asking for me and saying " i go pee pee" so we go to the potty and for sure he sits there and goes pee pee. He has done it during the day about three times but he gets to busy to even notice he has to go other that when he first gets up in the morning. Also he has told me 2x when he needs to go #2!! Im definitely taking it slow and following his cues. If he really wants to start using the potty I don't want to miss this window of opportunity but then again I don't want to force it on him either. He loves the potty book he has in the bathroom I think a couple of times he says he wants to go so he can get a story out of it :). I super excited that maybe in a couple of weeks/months I can say no more diapers :)