Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lets go Fishing

I got this idea from this blog Counting Coconuts. This was the first time I have taken the time to sew something. Im hoping to try some more projects that this mama has on her blog they are all so cute!

Beads on one side I used a button for the eye and on the mouth I added a washer

The number on the other side

I made ten of them and on a dowel I put ribbon and a magnet

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fathers Day 2010

Definitely a bitter sweet fathers day today for many reason. We really missed Raul and I hate that he is missing so much right now and I wish we could have been together to celebrate him today. We are very grateful to him and that he has sacrifice so much for our family and I know that at the end it will all pay off for us.

My dad mi chinito..lol

I was also very blessed that I was able to spend time with my dad this fathers day. If you know my dad he is a hard man to please so this year we decided to pitch in and make him a gift basket. He loves to munch on stuff so we bought him tons of snack, lots of bathroom essentials, socks and just stuff that he would not buy on his own.

We all got together and did a potluck style lunch. the one thing im proud of and hope to try it on my own was that I helped my MIL with the main course. It came out soooo good im excited to make it when the hubs gets back!

Comiendo /eating

It was nice to have everyone together since it hardly ever happens. After lunch we took the pool out for the kids and they played out there for hours. I had found a play tent a thrift shop so I took that out there too the little ones really liked it. As for the grown ups we played "Taboo" for a couple hours and then came to watch a movie.

The kiddos(missing one) and dad

Watching the World Cup after a awesome lunch

It was a wonderful Fathers Day and im sad that I dont know where our next Fathers day will be and if Mason will even get to be with both his abuelos next year. I guess I should definitely be enjoying the time I have with my folks now since I only have a couple more months left till I move back to Hawaii.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Loving the water

Mason loves the water and absolutely loves jumping in.

Carlos and Tiffany

So here are some pictures I took and my brothers wedding. There is so much more I need to learn and I am happy they let me practice on them. Let me know what yall think

Mason is 2!!

Mason is two I can not believe it. Where has time gone! We did not plan anything big this year since I did go all out last year and daddy is not here to celebrate with us.

Singing happy birthday and his auntie holding him

Grandma got him his first Thomas track set he loved it

Daddy ordered him a Thomas plush toy to sleep with and im so happy it got here just in time for his birthday. I love the expression in his face when he opened this present so bitter sweet