Thursday, May 6, 2010

March Of Dimes Walk

April 25th some of my family and friends joined me to walked for March of Dimes. This was the first year I was able to participate and I was so excited about it. I created a team "Mason Kai" in honor of our son who was born at 31 weeks. Our team was able to raise $200 which im sooooo proud of! I know other people raise a whole lot more than that but I am just stoked about what we raised because I never thought I would even get close to $100. Okay team next year its $300!!
Me in the pic and my sister took it

I took this pic and now my sis is in it

I made tshirts that had "Team Mason Kai" on it along with a picture of Mason. I made Mason and my nephew a shirt that said "Im a Preemie" with each of their pics on it.


The one thing that did not go well was the weather. The whole week the sun had been out and it had been beautiful but on Saturday it decided to rain so the walk was done indoors. It was still a lot of fun but im sure it would have been more fun outdoors. My family made me laugh when we started walking. I was "walking" and they where speed walking thru the whole thing. They definitely got their exercise in. We all did finished our 4 miles and they all beat me to the finish line!
MIL and mom stretching before the walk

My mom, sister and nephew

The Rome News interviewed me and you can read more about it here and they have a video too
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