Sunday, April 18, 2010

Real Plates

So about 3 weeks ago I introduced Mason to eating using a real bowl. I went to the Salvation Army and found a little bowl for .30 cents. I put it in Masons drawer where I keep his other plastic bowls. I showed him to get it out, get a yogurt and spoon and take it to the table. I have to pick him to but him in his chair, ounce we move back home I plan on getting him his own table and chair to help him out more. After that day every time he went to get a yogurt he would always go for this bowl. It was always at the bottom of the plastic bowls and he would move all the plastic ones to the side till he found the real one. It was so cute and it impressed me to see that he cared. Well last week I went to a yard sale with my mom and I found six bowls for .50 cents. So far he has been really good about using them and we have not lost any yet.

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