Thursday, April 1, 2010

DIY Sandpaper Letters

I printed the letters from here and I got the idea from here

I copied the letters to a word document and adjusted the color so the background would be clear and I could see the letters

I traced them with a sharpie just to make it easy for me to see where I was cutting

I traced the letters to the back of the sandpaper(fine grain $3-$4 at home depo) wrong side so when you cut the letters are facing the right way. I used about 3 1/2 sheets of sandpaper.

I cut each letter out and letters that had inner cuts I used a ezacto knife.

I went to Home Depo and bought some wood. I read other blogs and they used balsa wood. I dont have a clue about wood so I found something that was the thickness I was looking for and I ask a employee to show me what my choices where. The wood I bought was plywood for $5.47. I had my dad cut them into 5x6 rectangles. From the pice of wood he was bale to get 28 rectangles. Then my brother suggested to prime them so he did that for me.

I bought some craft paint at the store for about $2 each I used red and blue(vowels). My brother suggested I buy sample paint from the paint store but when I checked the prices the little cans cost $5 each

Then I got some rubber cement for about $2 and I glued the letters to the wood. I found the basket at Salvation army for .49 cents.

Paint $4
wood $6
sandpaper $3-4
basket .49
shipping free

total spent around $16.49

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