Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Where to begin

Its been a crazy couple of months for us. Im glad to be done with our swimming class and gymnastics class. Mason really seemed to enjoy them. I did learn not to sign us up for two activities in the same month/week. I found it kinda hard to manage my time when we had activities three times a week, plus trying to go to the gym and do other things too. The biggest thing that happen to me was wrecking my sisters car. I was ok and thank God Mason was not in the car with me. The whole point of me being here was to save money for our family and then I go and have this big boo boo.

So lately have been trying to get information on home schooling and Montessori method to see what kind of things I can start doing with Mason. The hubby is not sold on the home schooling idea but its something I would like to try, at least up to kindergarden age. From all the information I have gathered it seems overwhelming but I figure if I start doing one activity a day it will be a good start. The hard thing now for me is trying to gather materials when I am only going to be here till about September but I feel like if I wait I am missing important learning stages with Mason. I really like some of the Montessori inspired activities I have found for Masons age group on the internet and the plus is that some of it is done with simple home found items. I was excited I found a tray for .49 cents at the thrift store and a basket for .29 cents. I also found a how to from another blogger on how to make sandpaper letters im looking forward to make them but I need to do some price matching to see if it would be worth it to make them or just buy them.

I wish I could blog more like I use to but it seems like I just dont have the time. Mason is really good at keeping me busy and it feels like I have to constantly keep him busy to keep him out of trouble.

If you home school I would love ideas on how you got started and any other info. Mason is only 22 months but I love to research my stuff before we get into some serious school work. I would like to get as much info as possible.
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