Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Book Review

"The Discipline Book" by William and Martha Sears

I just LOVE the Sears books they have been so helpful to me and this one is wonderful. I borrowed it from my local LLLI but I think ill be buying it. Im about half way thru the book and just reading the first couple of pages I felt a burden lifted from my shoulders. I had been going thru some hard times with Mason and just was unsure about how to go about it. I felt like my child was a completely different kid and I could not understand what was happening to my little baby. The biggest thing I have gotten from what I have read so far is what is normal child behavior for Masons age. I somewhat knew what to expect but at the same time when Mason would do something I took it as he is being disrespectful and not listening. This was really frustrating me and it seems like I was having bad days everyday. I felt like my AP approach was going out the window. Now I feel like I can breath and know it will be okay. Its good to hear it from other people that they have gone thru it too but it was even better to read about it especially when Dr. Sears says the terrible two don't have to be terrible thats what I want. I have to remind myself to check MY attitude and know that I need to be there to help Mason transition into toddler hood. I need to pick my battles with him and instead of making them battles turn them into learning experiences for him.

So far my favorite chapter has been chapter 4 "Saying No Positively." I guess its my favorite because its what we are going thru right now. I feel like I have a lot of no days and in return I get A LOT of nos from Mason. After reading this chapter I don't take Mason "nos" personal which has helped both of us have less frustrated days. Also, I seem to stop my self from using no and get more creative in ways to approach those situations.

The stuff I have read just seems so simple and common sense that its crazy I have to read from a book to understand it. So I am pretty close to getting to the chapter about spanking ....tan tan taannnnn!! I think that will need a post of its own. I hope I get some good pointers since the hubby and I don't seem to agree on that subject and it has a lot to do with our backgrounds.

If you have any other suggested reading let me know ill eventually get around to them. Its a lot harder to find time to read now a days but I have a list of Montessori books I would like to read when I get the chance.
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