Friday, January 8, 2010


So we have been in Georgia 2 1/2 months and im so happy we finally acclimated to everything! The Holidays where very different not having Raul around we missed him very much. On Christmas morning he was able to see Mason open his presents thru the web cam. It was hard on me because i was trying to help Mason out, making sure the web cam was in a good spot, Trying to video tape with out a tripod and take pics all at the same time! Im glad its 2010 because i can say Raul comes home this year it makes it seem a lot shorter than saying "he comes home next year" Mason is doing great learning new things everyday. He is a little sponge that just absorbs everything. He has started saying more words and he just surprises me when he says them. Just yesterday I told him in spanish to go get is blanket so we could leave. I did not think he understood me but when i came back inside there he was standing with his blanket ready to go out the door. It seems like being around grandma and grandpa he is picking up a lot of Spanish. He definitely understand more than he says because all I can get him to say in Spanish is "agua" for water but i can talk to him in Spanish to do this and that and he gets it!

As for me im doing good I have started going to the gym and working out. If everything works out next week my little doggie Happy should be flying in next Friday! Im so excited to see my little girl i have definitely missed her.

Ok thats my update for the last couple of months! from here till who knows when ill blog im not as good as I use to be since now I have a toddler to chase after and the hubby is deployed.
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