Friday, January 8, 2010

Firts Snow

Okay so we have had some snow the last two days not much but for Georgia just a little bit is a big deal. So Mason has never seen snow or even experienced this kind of weather since he was born in Hawaii. Bless his heart today he proved to me he is totally a Hawaiian baby or at least prefers the beach and warm sunny days. I took him outside to check out the snow falling and he wanted nothing to do with it, he stayed under the car port the whole time. I picked him up and we walked so we could get some snow on us and he was just confused! I set him down and he walked himself back into the house and since the dog had gone to play he was calling her too to come back inside. After that he just stared out the window. Ok so attempt two the snow was sticking to the grown so you could really see the white all over everything so I carried him to get some snow and when I picked some up he just started fussing about it! So n/e i thought it was kind off cute to share with yall. I wonder what he is going to do if we have to live in a place that gets a foot of snow!
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