Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas get together

So today I had some friends over that I met at play group for a little Christmas gift exchange. The kids picked each others name a couple of days ago and they got to give each other gifts today. The grown ups did a white elephant gift exchange and we had a potluck dinner. Mason did very well giving his gift I was a little afraid he would not understand that it was for his friend Camy especially since it was a "Toy Story" toy (background: at PJs birthday he wanted to take the gifts home and had a temper tantrum about it) So I wanted for him to see what we where going to wrap for Camy and let him help me too. Well it really worked, when it came time to give the gift he went to get it and gave it to her to fuss about it! The white elephant gift exchange was funny when my friend Erin swapped hers for the unopened gift that was left I was tickled because it was what I had gotten. So I decided to get a plunger and some Over all very good day and the kids all seemed to get a long so that was a plus.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

November 2010

Wow November was a pretty busy month for us and its not going to slow down for the
next couple of months! Im very happy to report that the hubby is home from a year long deployment (Thank You Lord!). Its been a adjustment getting use to the changes that come with the homecoming but its been fun and rewarding to see Mason and him interact with each other. I was very happy that we where all together for Thanksgiving and grateful that I was able to host Thanksgiving to three single soldiers. I was a little nervous this year because I was using my MIL turkey recipe but it all turned out very well and im so happy we did not have so many leftovers as the years before. Ill post our november pics as soon as I upload them...its just so easy to take them its a different story on how long it takes me to put them on my computer!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

October Fun

We are starting to work on the letters of his name and here he is working on coloring the letter M. I have to say crayons have never really been of limits because he has always been very good but this week we had to put them away because he went on a coloring frenzy and colored all the walls in his room, hat rack, and train track. I hoping he got he learn not to do it again since he was not a happy camper when we had to wipe down the walls. Im glad he likes to help clean up though so it was not to bad.

He is helping make dinner we where having empanadas and he is making the tortilla to stuff it. He has really enjoyed helping out in the kitchen. Every time I am cooking he goes and gets his apron and want to put it on so I have to put him to do something on he side while I cook

He built a fort/garage for his trains and cars he does this all the time when he is playing with them. Sometimes he even gets a couple of pillows and another stool to make it bigger

We went to our church for a fall festival. Mason had so much fun and did not want to leave,
Little train engineer

Excited he put the ball in the catchers glove

And got a treat for it

playing some more games

Trying to move the pumpkin

This is the expression on his face after trying cotton candy for the first time

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

One thing ends and another begins

So I totally forgot to update yall when Mason wean himself. I believe it was about a month ago! He is growing up so fast. It was an amazing journey and im so thankful to all the mamas that helped us thru this the last two year. Now this journey has ended for Mason but this week he has been saying when he needs to go to the potty. The last three nights he goes to bed and then gets up asking for me and saying " i go pee pee" so we go to the potty and for sure he sits there and goes pee pee. He has done it during the day about three times but he gets to busy to even notice he has to go other that when he first gets up in the morning. Also he has told me 2x when he needs to go #2!! Im definitely taking it slow and following his cues. If he really wants to start using the potty I don't want to miss this window of opportunity but then again I don't want to force it on him either. He loves the potty book he has in the bathroom I think a couple of times he says he wants to go so he can get a story out of it :). I super excited that maybe in a couple of weeks/months I can say no more diapers :)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

R&R 2010

Here are some pics of when hubby came home for R&R. We had a blast the two weeks he was home and Mason loved spending time with his daddy. The last two months have gone supper fats with hubbys R&R and then little man and I coming back to Hawaii. I finally feel settled into our new place and getting into the grove of a schedule.

Monday, August 2, 2010

What are we doing

So we have not been doing much lately basically counting the days for RR to get here and our trip back home. Im looking forward to being in our home so we can do more stuff with Mason and set up trays and shelfs for him to do some independent play. I cant wait till he sees the beach again, I do not think he remembers it and I wonder how he will react. The most wonderful thing that im looking forward to is the end of this deployment. Im sure ounce im back to the island ill be busy setting up our home that im praying those couple of months fly back and we get to see Raul.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Girls Weekend

So this weekend I got to go out with a couple of girlfriends from church with NO KIDS!!! We had an amazing time hanging out in the lake,tubbing, skiing and riding around in the boat. I tried skiing for the first time it it was so darn hard. Im still sore from it! for dinner we got all dolled up and went to eat at a Japanese steak house. I can not remember the last time I had a nice dinner with out hurrying up to try to get out of the place before Mason starts acting crazy. I did not have share my food either YAY! So here are some pics of me enjoy

This was the only time I got up and it was a quick up

and then...

I flew

4th of July 2009

So for 4th of July we went to the lake with my brother and sister and their families. We had a great time but I have to say I miss Hawaii beaches and the clear water where you can see your feet thru the water. We got back in time to watch the fireworks in our town. Mason is still a bit scared of the noise but we where not as close as we where the year before so it was not to bad. When the fireworks started he chose to go sit with his Abuela in the car holding his blanket. Ounce in Abuelas arms he was happy to see the show and every time the fireworks would go up he would say "woooow" "awesome" lol he is such a cutie

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lets go Fishing

I got this idea from this blog Counting Coconuts. This was the first time I have taken the time to sew something. Im hoping to try some more projects that this mama has on her blog they are all so cute!

Beads on one side I used a button for the eye and on the mouth I added a washer

The number on the other side

I made ten of them and on a dowel I put ribbon and a magnet

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fathers Day 2010

Definitely a bitter sweet fathers day today for many reason. We really missed Raul and I hate that he is missing so much right now and I wish we could have been together to celebrate him today. We are very grateful to him and that he has sacrifice so much for our family and I know that at the end it will all pay off for us.

My dad mi

I was also very blessed that I was able to spend time with my dad this fathers day. If you know my dad he is a hard man to please so this year we decided to pitch in and make him a gift basket. He loves to munch on stuff so we bought him tons of snack, lots of bathroom essentials, socks and just stuff that he would not buy on his own.

We all got together and did a potluck style lunch. the one thing im proud of and hope to try it on my own was that I helped my MIL with the main course. It came out soooo good im excited to make it when the hubs gets back!

Comiendo /eating

It was nice to have everyone together since it hardly ever happens. After lunch we took the pool out for the kids and they played out there for hours. I had found a play tent a thrift shop so I took that out there too the little ones really liked it. As for the grown ups we played "Taboo" for a couple hours and then came to watch a movie.

The kiddos(missing one) and dad

Watching the World Cup after a awesome lunch

It was a wonderful Fathers Day and im sad that I dont know where our next Fathers day will be and if Mason will even get to be with both his abuelos next year. I guess I should definitely be enjoying the time I have with my folks now since I only have a couple more months left till I move back to Hawaii.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Loving the water

Mason loves the water and absolutely loves jumping in.

Carlos and Tiffany

So here are some pictures I took and my brothers wedding. There is so much more I need to learn and I am happy they let me practice on them. Let me know what yall think