Monday, November 9, 2009

Georgia on my mind

So have been in Ga for almost a month! We had a very rocky start getting adjusted to the weather and time compared to Hawaii. Mason had a hard time getting use to the time here he was not sleeping and he would not have anything to do with sleeping in a crib so I put the mattress on the floor and he has slept till about 6am for about a week now. Today we finally got him a real bed and he seemed to be very happy about it. He amazes me everyday on how much he understand and absorbs. I love that kid to death even though lately he seems to be testing me a lot. As for me well I cried like a baby when I arrived because it was sooo cold. Raul thought that was funny. I had the first episode of sinus problems/allergies something i did not have problems with in Hawaii but thank God it passed. We miss Raul very much and pray this deployment goes by very fast and we look forward to seeing him again.

Here are some pics of some stuff that we did;

Jackson bday Its on the 31st of October so we dressed up Im the farmer mason a piggy and my nephew was a swat officer

Jackson bday at Chucky Cheese

Mason hagging out with uncle Jonathan they get a long soooo well