Wednesday, July 22, 2009

4th of July 2009


Wow i have not written anything in awhile. So after our trip back to Hawaii back from Georgia we had a very hard transition with Mason. The time change really messed with his sleeping. For awhile i thought i had a newborn in the house he was waking like crazy. I have to give kudos to a wonderful book that helped me out get him to sleep its "No Cry Sleep Solution" by Elizabeth Pantley. It was a very gentle way to get Mason to sleep more with out all the crying. It was stressful at times but it worked and im glad we are over that bump.
Mason has been growing up so fast he has 4 teeth and it seems like in the next couple of days we might have some more. He did so good when the 1st couple came in but now i can see how its bothering him for the rest to come out. We are so excited because he took his 1t steps its soooo cute. He will walk from daddy to mamma but when its just him and one of us he will ask to hold hands if not he will just grab your leg and walk with you. I always tell him "I hope your this good about holding hands when you get bigger."
I so glad summer is here I love going to the beach since the waves are prefect for Mason and I. Its sad to think that this might be our last summer in Hawaii. Last because we are getting ready for daddy to deploy and this time around we have decided that its better if i go and stay with family. Right now im just ready to know when all this is going to happen since we dont have any dates yet.