Monday, April 13, 2009


The highlight of this RESURRECTION DAY was that I decided to get baptized!!!

I was baptized as a Catholic when I was 14. I definitely did not do it for the right reasons and I did it with out really knowing God. When I got married I thought it was very important for our future children to grow up in the the same church. The problem was I was a Catholic and my husband a Mormon. I just thought it would be easier for me to go to his church than him come to mine. At the time it felt like the right thing to do. I had the fear of the Lord but I did not know much about him or have that personal relationship with him. So I join the Mormon church...that only lasted 6 months. After that we did not go to church for awhile. During this time Raul join the Army and we got orders to Hawaii. I came lost when I moved here. All I knew was that I needed to find a church that taught the Bible and not all these other books. Three years ago Easter Day I attended North Shore Christian Fellowship. That is the day that I really started to know the Lord. I have learned so much and have become so close to my Lord and Savior but being baptized in the other churches felt like chains around my feet. It has been a burden on me where at times I felt unworthy for betraying the ONE and ONLY GOD. Baptism has been on my heart for awhile but my mind kept telling me "your going to do this again?" Finally this was my year, no more mind games and the chains around broken. Now I know who my God is and im proud to be on his team. My eyes where blinded but now I can see the truth. I have been cleansed from the past that was my burden and I feel great. Now i just pray that the Lord can use me to guide others to the truth.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mason 10 months

So a little update on Mr Mason. he is doing very well. We have had a very active little man now that he is crawling. Its funny because he is so fast. One minute he is next to me and then when I look again he is gone. He started pulling himself up and taking steps along the couch. He loves to go to our entertainment center and push buttons on daddies game systems. Now that he is moving I have to put him in our pack and play while I do dinner or else he would be all over the kitchen. We are still BF and dont have any plans on stopping any time soon...which is something hubby is a little worried about since you dont see to much of that now a days. We cloth diaper 100% of the time and Raul is doing great with them. He has even washed them a couple of times so im very proud of him. As for solids go I have introduced eggplant and he ate it with no problem. I have some asparagus ready to go but not have tried them yet maybe we will try that tonight. At night mason has done very well the last 2-3 weeks sleeping from around 830 to 6. Since im usually not ready to be up at 6am I bring him over to my bed and we sleep/cuddle till around 8. Im wondering how long this will last because before this he was up every 3 hours. Im definitely enjoying the extra ZZZ for right now.

Raul and I are doing great. Raul is getting ready to go to PTA and I leave for the mainland on Monday with Mason. Raul will join us for three weeks in May and then we will all be back at the end of May. I guess i have not shared with everyone but we gave our chijuajua Roxy away. It was very hard for me to get rid of my baby but it was the best for the family at this time. For those of you who knew Roxy dont worry she went to great home! Her new mama is Rica and she is in my book club...thats how we met. Now we only have Pepper and Happy who still sleeps allll day so I can really say we only have one dog.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Our Paintball Dayz

So when Raul and I first got married we started playing
paintball Here is a video of one of the tournaments we
went to. See if you can spot us