Monday, September 28, 2009

My wow moments with Mason

So Mason has gotten really good at walking he is starting to run and climbs onto everything. If you are laying on the floor he will climb on you so you can do Horsy. The thing that has just amazed me this month are his communicating skills and how much he understands.

My wow moments
1. When we go check the mail he knows where the key is and carries that and our netflix movies He puts it in the mail and gives me the key so I can open our mailbox when we get back in the house he gives me the key to put back where it belongs

2. On one of those mail box trips we are walking points up at a tree and said "tee"

3. When you tell him go fine your ball or where is your ball in English or Spanish he knows exactly what we are talking about same thing goes for water

4. He tries to say "agua" (water in spanish) where we understand what he is saying

5. We have a hanging basket of fruit where he can see so when he wants some he will walk up to it and point up at it talks his language until we get him his fruit. Oh and where ever he is he will just sit there and eat it

6. Found out he loves grapes and knows they are in the fridge so he tries to open it by himself

7. He loves food. When we tell him its time to eat he will go to his chair and try to climb up on it even though he is still not tall enough

8. He loves shoes. How do we know? We where at Footlocker trying to buy him some shoes so we kept trying them on and when he would see he had a new shoe on he would basically model it. Raul would say let me see your shoe and he would lift that foot up or bend down and point to it. So now when we are at home he goes and gets shoes and tries to put them on himself or us. When you say "look at yoooouuuu" he looks down at his shoes

9. Loves to dance. When ever music come son TV he stops what he is doing looks at the TV and goes up at down and in circles

10. He is man. Sits with dad to watch ESPN and when he hears the ta ta taaannn music from it he has to watch it. Sees dad playing video games he has to sit with him too with his own remote control. When he sees football on TV he grabs the XBOX remote. When he wants to watch Sesame Street he will bring you the remote control for the TV

11. We have to put his remote control car in time out because he will drive us crazy with it. He will follow you to the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen anywhere we are to bring us his car and remote that he knows they go together so we can drive it for him. If he only find one or the other he will talk his language and point to us because he cant find the other one to make it all work

12. If you give him something thats trash and tell him its trash he will go throw it away for you

13. If i leave a cabinet door open he will close it and then keep doing whatever he was doing

14. Likes to help with laundry. When I was his diapers I will give him the inserts that go in the dryer and he will put them in and then close the door

15. Loves to read. When its story time I tell him to go choose a booj and goes straight to them and brings me one. Lately he has been choosing "Horten Hears a Who" or "Horten hatches an Egg." I tell Raul out of all his books that he takes out how does he always choose those he must know what he is doing right. Oh yeah and if its not story time he will follow you wherever you are with one of the Horton books but never seems to sit long enough for you to read the whole story

Our 1st cooking lesson Mason helped me make some bread

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