Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My 24th Bday

I had a great time for my birthday. On Saturday Raul took me to work and picked me up at 4. I came home to a surprise I had a couple of friends waiting for me. The scared me when I first walked in according to them my face was priceless. Raul did such a good job grilling and getting everything read he even decorated!!! Later that night our babysitter came so we could go to Dave and Busters( which was my original plan for my bday). I had so much fun everyone was a trip and we had some interesting conversation on our way up there. My favorite game of the night was Deal or No Deal. Raul ended up winning 1000 tickets it was hilarious. Check out this video of that moment video.php .

Me, Leza, and McKenna

Leza and I

Showing off my winnings to Leza

The day of my actual birthday was quite I went to church and had some cake because it was also Pastor Mikes Birthday. Later that day we went to pipeline and stayed till sunset. Mason wanted to get in the water sooooo bad but its almost winter here so the waves are crazy.

Beautiful Hawaii sunset

My boys hanging out at the beach


Mason walking to get in the water Love how you can see his footprints
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