Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Deployment Craziness begins

So Raul finally got his deployment orders for Iraq today. This time around we decided it would be best for me and mason to go home for the year he will be gone. Most of my friends here in Hawaii have left or will be leaving soon. Im hoping it will be easier if Im around family to help me out with Mason. My biggest concern while being home is people asking about Raul being gone or feeling sorry for us. I dont know any other military family in my home town so I will miss that. Being around other army wives you understand what your going thru so you never have to go into detail about anything. We know that we dont get to hear from our soldiers everyday and dont know when they will be home. There just so much things that its just understood between us. I hope family and friends back home will not ask to many questions about this.
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