Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Our trip home

So we just got back from Georgia and we had a great time. Mason grew so much while we where there im just amazed everyday at all the things he can do. So updates on Mason, he crawls a lot faster now and pulls himself up and cruses around. When i pull him up to walk he takes a few steps and just plops down and crawls the rest of the way it funny. He got his first two bottom teethes while in Georgia and now we can see the top ones trying to break thru. He learned to crawl up the stairs at Ronnie and Kandies house. He is into everything now opening drawers and cabinets. He drinks out of a straw and tries to be very independent when it comes to eating on his own even though most of the time he misses his mouth. Thanks to uncle Ronnies huge cheese gold fish stash we found out Mason loves them too. When we first got to Ga it was a lot colder than i thought it would be and quickly realized i was very unprepared but thanks to my sister in law Abby Mason got some winter stuff to wear. We celebrated Masons first birthday at Grandma Madrids house. Our theme was Madagascar it was a bit overwhelming for Mason because he really did not know most of the people there. It was a lot of fun and thank you to all those who came. I still cant belive he is one now! After his birthday we took him to see the Rome Braves but he is more like me he is a people watcher and not to much into the game. While in GA Mason got to try some Chik fil a and some Zaxbys and of course a taste of sweet tea. We took Mason to the Georgia Aquarium and the Coca Cola Factory. He really enjoyed some of the fish at the aquarium especially the colorful ones he did get scared of the bigger ones. We are starting to see more of his personality and he tries to throw some temper tantrums now then. All i can say is that y son is a goof he makes me laugh. Ill post pics soon but you can check some out on my facebook