Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentines Day

Raul and I had a great Vday. We celebrated it on the 13th and we went to dinner @ Buzz's Steak house with other couples from our church. It was lots of fun we played some games and Raul and I won the kissing one. I had to put lip stick on and kiss Rauls face. I laughed so hard and I guess you can say I finally got to put make up on Raul. After that we went ice-skating. We have been anting to try it out for a long time and im happy we finally got to do it. Raul was funny ice skating the first time his skate touched the ice he was like "no im not doing this" and started to get out but I told him he had to. We had so much fun doing that. For me it was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be and Raul did a great job! Our friend Kristin came to the house to baby sit Mason and it was really nice that Raul and I where able to have a "date" just the two of us. On Saturday I had to work and when Raul came to pick me up he had bought me roses, a card from him and Mason and an ipod. Raul was very sweet and this was the best Valentines we have ever had... actually its probably the only one we have been together so it was extra special.
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