Monday, November 9, 2009

Georgia on my mind

So have been in Ga for almost a month! We had a very rocky start getting adjusted to the weather and time compared to Hawaii. Mason had a hard time getting use to the time here he was not sleeping and he would not have anything to do with sleeping in a crib so I put the mattress on the floor and he has slept till about 6am for about a week now. Today we finally got him a real bed and he seemed to be very happy about it. He amazes me everyday on how much he understand and absorbs. I love that kid to death even though lately he seems to be testing me a lot. As for me well I cried like a baby when I arrived because it was sooo cold. Raul thought that was funny. I had the first episode of sinus problems/allergies something i did not have problems with in Hawaii but thank God it passed. We miss Raul very much and pray this deployment goes by very fast and we look forward to seeing him again.

Here are some pics of some stuff that we did;

Jackson bday Its on the 31st of October so we dressed up Im the farmer mason a piggy and my nephew was a swat officer

Jackson bday at Chucky Cheese

Mason hagging out with uncle Jonathan they get a long soooo well

Monday, September 28, 2009

My wow moments with Mason

So Mason has gotten really good at walking he is starting to run and climbs onto everything. If you are laying on the floor he will climb on you so you can do Horsy. The thing that has just amazed me this month are his communicating skills and how much he understands.

My wow moments
1. When we go check the mail he knows where the key is and carries that and our netflix movies He puts it in the mail and gives me the key so I can open our mailbox when we get back in the house he gives me the key to put back where it belongs

2. On one of those mail box trips we are walking points up at a tree and said "tee"

3. When you tell him go fine your ball or where is your ball in English or Spanish he knows exactly what we are talking about same thing goes for water

4. He tries to say "agua" (water in spanish) where we understand what he is saying

5. We have a hanging basket of fruit where he can see so when he wants some he will walk up to it and point up at it talks his language until we get him his fruit. Oh and where ever he is he will just sit there and eat it

6. Found out he loves grapes and knows they are in the fridge so he tries to open it by himself

7. He loves food. When we tell him its time to eat he will go to his chair and try to climb up on it even though he is still not tall enough

8. He loves shoes. How do we know? We where at Footlocker trying to buy him some shoes so we kept trying them on and when he would see he had a new shoe on he would basically model it. Raul would say let me see your shoe and he would lift that foot up or bend down and point to it. So now when we are at home he goes and gets shoes and tries to put them on himself or us. When you say "look at yoooouuuu" he looks down at his shoes

9. Loves to dance. When ever music come son TV he stops what he is doing looks at the TV and goes up at down and in circles

10. He is man. Sits with dad to watch ESPN and when he hears the ta ta taaannn music from it he has to watch it. Sees dad playing video games he has to sit with him too with his own remote control. When he sees football on TV he grabs the XBOX remote. When he wants to watch Sesame Street he will bring you the remote control for the TV

11. We have to put his remote control car in time out because he will drive us crazy with it. He will follow you to the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen anywhere we are to bring us his car and remote that he knows they go together so we can drive it for him. If he only find one or the other he will talk his language and point to us because he cant find the other one to make it all work

12. If you give him something thats trash and tell him its trash he will go throw it away for you

13. If i leave a cabinet door open he will close it and then keep doing whatever he was doing

14. Likes to help with laundry. When I was his diapers I will give him the inserts that go in the dryer and he will put them in and then close the door

15. Loves to read. When its story time I tell him to go choose a booj and goes straight to them and brings me one. Lately he has been choosing "Horten Hears a Who" or "Horten hatches an Egg." I tell Raul out of all his books that he takes out how does he always choose those he must know what he is doing right. Oh yeah and if its not story time he will follow you wherever you are with one of the Horton books but never seems to sit long enough for you to read the whole story

Our 1st cooking lesson Mason helped me make some bread

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Deployment Craziness begins

So Raul finally got his deployment orders for Iraq today. This time around we decided it would be best for me and mason to go home for the year he will be gone. Most of my friends here in Hawaii have left or will be leaving soon. Im hoping it will be easier if Im around family to help me out with Mason. My biggest concern while being home is people asking about Raul being gone or feeling sorry for us. I dont know any other military family in my home town so I will miss that. Being around other army wives you understand what your going thru so you never have to go into detail about anything. We know that we dont get to hear from our soldiers everyday and dont know when they will be home. There just so much things that its just understood between us. I hope family and friends back home will not ask to many questions about this.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My 24th Bday

I had a great time for my birthday. On Saturday Raul took me to work and picked me up at 4. I came home to a surprise I had a couple of friends waiting for me. The scared me when I first walked in according to them my face was priceless. Raul did such a good job grilling and getting everything read he even decorated!!! Later that night our babysitter came so we could go to Dave and Busters( which was my original plan for my bday). I had so much fun everyone was a trip and we had some interesting conversation on our way up there. My favorite game of the night was Deal or No Deal. Raul ended up winning 1000 tickets it was hilarious. Check out this video of that moment video.php .

Me, Leza, and McKenna

Leza and I

Showing off my winnings to Leza

The day of my actual birthday was quite I went to church and had some cake because it was also Pastor Mikes Birthday. Later that day we went to pipeline and stayed till sunset. Mason wanted to get in the water sooooo bad but its almost winter here so the waves are crazy.

Beautiful Hawaii sunset

My boys hanging out at the beach


Mason walking to get in the water Love how you can see his footprints

Monday, September 7, 2009

Picture Taking with our Nikon D60

So awhile back ...way back we got a new camera a Nikon D60. We really love this camera and love the pictures we have been able to capture especially of Mason. I still dont know half of what this camera does, actually not even a quarter of what it does but I really need to learn. A couple of weeks ago we went to Kaneohe and i took some pics of my boys I did some editing with the program my Apple laptop came with.

Bread Making

So I have been wanting to make hand made bread for awhile now but recipes I found always seemed so complicated or you needed a machine which I dont have. The 1st time i tried making bread did not go very well now the 2nd time I made it i got the recipe from Here,

And the results

It came out perfect!!! We ate half the loaf that

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

4th of July 2009


Wow i have not written anything in awhile. So after our trip back to Hawaii back from Georgia we had a very hard transition with Mason. The time change really messed with his sleeping. For awhile i thought i had a newborn in the house he was waking like crazy. I have to give kudos to a wonderful book that helped me out get him to sleep its "No Cry Sleep Solution" by Elizabeth Pantley. It was a very gentle way to get Mason to sleep more with out all the crying. It was stressful at times but it worked and im glad we are over that bump.
Mason has been growing up so fast he has 4 teeth and it seems like in the next couple of days we might have some more. He did so good when the 1st couple came in but now i can see how its bothering him for the rest to come out. We are so excited because he took his 1t steps its soooo cute. He will walk from daddy to mamma but when its just him and one of us he will ask to hold hands if not he will just grab your leg and walk with you. I always tell him "I hope your this good about holding hands when you get bigger."
I so glad summer is here I love going to the beach since the waves are prefect for Mason and I. Its sad to think that this might be our last summer in Hawaii. Last because we are getting ready for daddy to deploy and this time around we have decided that its better if i go and stay with family. Right now im just ready to know when all this is going to happen since we dont have any dates yet.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Mason!

We started of my a fun breakfast made into a happy face. Our theme was Madagascar and the colors I used where sky blue lime green and sun yellow. We played Disney music and the Madagascar song "I like to move it" which Mason loves. Daddy grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and grandmas made pasta salad, asian salad and potato salad. We also had chips and dip of course and for the little ones we had grilled cheese and box juices. We played musical chairs with the mamas and papas and then with the kids. We had pin the nose on the lion, played green light red light with the kids. Our party hats where foam visors that each child could decorate and we had side walk chalk while the rest of the guest arrived. We had an elmo pinata because we could not find Madagascar. Our friend Kandie made Mason a healthy cake since he has never really had sweets and for the other guest we had the Madagascar cake made out of cupcakes. The best part of all for me was that the three os us daddy mommy and baby dressed in kakis and polos, I think we looked really cute!

Enjoy the pics and tell me what yall think

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Our trip home

So we just got back from Georgia and we had a great time. Mason grew so much while we where there im just amazed everyday at all the things he can do. So updates on Mason, he crawls a lot faster now and pulls himself up and cruses around. When i pull him up to walk he takes a few steps and just plops down and crawls the rest of the way it funny. He got his first two bottom teethes while in Georgia and now we can see the top ones trying to break thru. He learned to crawl up the stairs at Ronnie and Kandies house. He is into everything now opening drawers and cabinets. He drinks out of a straw and tries to be very independent when it comes to eating on his own even though most of the time he misses his mouth. Thanks to uncle Ronnies huge cheese gold fish stash we found out Mason loves them too. When we first got to Ga it was a lot colder than i thought it would be and quickly realized i was very unprepared but thanks to my sister in law Abby Mason got some winter stuff to wear. We celebrated Masons first birthday at Grandma Madrids house. Our theme was Madagascar it was a bit overwhelming for Mason because he really did not know most of the people there. It was a lot of fun and thank you to all those who came. I still cant belive he is one now! After his birthday we took him to see the Rome Braves but he is more like me he is a people watcher and not to much into the game. While in GA Mason got to try some Chik fil a and some Zaxbys and of course a taste of sweet tea. We took Mason to the Georgia Aquarium and the Coca Cola Factory. He really enjoyed some of the fish at the aquarium especially the colorful ones he did get scared of the bigger ones. We are starting to see more of his personality and he tries to throw some temper tantrums now then. All i can say is that y son is a goof he makes me laugh. Ill post pics soon but you can check some out on my facebook

Monday, April 13, 2009


The highlight of this RESURRECTION DAY was that I decided to get baptized!!!

I was baptized as a Catholic when I was 14. I definitely did not do it for the right reasons and I did it with out really knowing God. When I got married I thought it was very important for our future children to grow up in the the same church. The problem was I was a Catholic and my husband a Mormon. I just thought it would be easier for me to go to his church than him come to mine. At the time it felt like the right thing to do. I had the fear of the Lord but I did not know much about him or have that personal relationship with him. So I join the Mormon church...that only lasted 6 months. After that we did not go to church for awhile. During this time Raul join the Army and we got orders to Hawaii. I came lost when I moved here. All I knew was that I needed to find a church that taught the Bible and not all these other books. Three years ago Easter Day I attended North Shore Christian Fellowship. That is the day that I really started to know the Lord. I have learned so much and have become so close to my Lord and Savior but being baptized in the other churches felt like chains around my feet. It has been a burden on me where at times I felt unworthy for betraying the ONE and ONLY GOD. Baptism has been on my heart for awhile but my mind kept telling me "your going to do this again?" Finally this was my year, no more mind games and the chains around broken. Now I know who my God is and im proud to be on his team. My eyes where blinded but now I can see the truth. I have been cleansed from the past that was my burden and I feel great. Now i just pray that the Lord can use me to guide others to the truth.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mason 10 months

So a little update on Mr Mason. he is doing very well. We have had a very active little man now that he is crawling. Its funny because he is so fast. One minute he is next to me and then when I look again he is gone. He started pulling himself up and taking steps along the couch. He loves to go to our entertainment center and push buttons on daddies game systems. Now that he is moving I have to put him in our pack and play while I do dinner or else he would be all over the kitchen. We are still BF and dont have any plans on stopping any time soon...which is something hubby is a little worried about since you dont see to much of that now a days. We cloth diaper 100% of the time and Raul is doing great with them. He has even washed them a couple of times so im very proud of him. As for solids go I have introduced eggplant and he ate it with no problem. I have some asparagus ready to go but not have tried them yet maybe we will try that tonight. At night mason has done very well the last 2-3 weeks sleeping from around 830 to 6. Since im usually not ready to be up at 6am I bring him over to my bed and we sleep/cuddle till around 8. Im wondering how long this will last because before this he was up every 3 hours. Im definitely enjoying the extra ZZZ for right now.

Raul and I are doing great. Raul is getting ready to go to PTA and I leave for the mainland on Monday with Mason. Raul will join us for three weeks in May and then we will all be back at the end of May. I guess i have not shared with everyone but we gave our chijuajua Roxy away. It was very hard for me to get rid of my baby but it was the best for the family at this time. For those of you who knew Roxy dont worry she went to great home! Her new mama is Rica and she is in my book club...thats how we met. Now we only have Pepper and Happy who still sleeps allll day so I can really say we only have one dog.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Our Paintball Dayz

So when Raul and I first got married we started playing
paintball Here is a video of one of the tournaments we
went to. See if you can spot us

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Masons 9 month check up

So last week we had a well baby check up. Mason got measured and weighed no shots this time around. His pediatrician and I talked about some of my concerns and some questions I had. So Mason weighed in at 18 lbs and is in the 35% for a 9 month old. His doctor did not check to see what he was for a 7 month since last time he was already at 98% for his gestational age. He said Mason will probably stay in the 35% since this is where he was for his 6 month appointment. He asked me if Mason was sleeping thru the night, which he is not, and gave me his opinion on what I should do. Well for those that know me I dont do the CIO method and thats what his doctor suggested. I just listed to him and would occasionally nod. This was basically our doctors appointment. Im very excited to see what Mason will be doing in the next couple of weeks. Now that he is crawling he is all over the place. Since his birthday is in three months I have already started thinking about it. We will be traveling to Rome to celebrate with family and friends there. Im very excited for my little man to turn one.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentines Day

Raul and I had a great Vday. We celebrated it on the 13th and we went to dinner @ Buzz's Steak house with other couples from our church. It was lots of fun we played some games and Raul and I won the kissing one. I had to put lip stick on and kiss Rauls face. I laughed so hard and I guess you can say I finally got to put make up on Raul. After that we went ice-skating. We have been anting to try it out for a long time and im happy we finally got to do it. Raul was funny ice skating the first time his skate touched the ice he was like "no im not doing this" and started to get out but I told him he had to. We had so much fun doing that. For me it was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be and Raul did a great job! Our friend Kristin came to the house to baby sit Mason and it was really nice that Raul and I where able to have a "date" just the two of us. On Saturday I had to work and when Raul came to pick me up he had bought me roses, a card from him and Mason and an ipod. Raul was very sweet and this was the best Valentines we have ever had... actually its probably the only one we have been together so it was extra special.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Its been 9 months!

Can you believe its been nine months since Mason came into this world! Time is just going by to quickly. So Mason has been sitting by himself since mid November and it worked out great because he was able to sit and open his Christmas presents. We started solids at about 7 months and have not had ay problems with what we have tried. I decided to make my own baby food and it has been pretty easy. So far Mason has had avocados, mangos, papaya, apples, bananas, pears, peaches, pumpkin, squash, zucchini, carrots, peas, green beans, and sweet potatoes. Recently he started eating some cheerio as a snack and some mum mums. We dont have any teeth yet so all of his food is still pureed. From Rauls family history im not expecting any teeth till around 1. We are still BF and still loving it. Sometimes i think BF is so much easier than giving him food. I hope to continue BF for at least another year or so. If yall have read our blog yall know that Mason hates tummy time. Well good news in the last 2 weeks or so that has changed. He can now go from a sitting position to his belly with out lading face first! lol He wiggles him self around from one spot to the next and seems to be really enjoying this new sense of freedom. He can also get up on his knees and rock himself but gets back on his belly to move around. It has been such a joy to watch him grow. We dont have ay words yet but he does cry maaaa maaaa so im taking that he said mama

We go to the doctor on the 19th so ill let yall know how much he weighed

Thursday, January 29, 2009

How did we know he needed glasses

So many people have been asking me how did we know Mason needed glasses so young. As most of you know Mason was born premature at 31 weeks. When he was in the NICU he got his eyes checked because his retina was not developed all the way. Ounce he came home we had to get them checked again and it was growing fine. His eye doctor wanted to see him again at 6 most corrected age because around that time is when it was completely grown but on some preemie it keeps growing abnormally and could cause problems.

This is what the disorder is,
"ROP is Retinopathy of Prematurity, which can potentially blind a premature baby. Because a premature baby's retina did not have time to finish developing in utero, it needs to be checked to ensure it is growing properly. During this time, blood vessels which feed the retina can begin to develop abnormally, which is called Retinopathy of Prematurity. (Charles Retina Institute)."

So at 8 months birth age Mason had his eyes checked ounce again and we found out that his growth is fine. While checking his doctor found out that he is farsighted. He can see things that are far away but up close they are blurry to him. This has nothing to do with him being premature and its not ROP. So that was a very good thing. Now the reason he is farsighted is because he was blesses with mom and dads genes. This is something that runs in the family and someone in either Rauls or my family has this condition as well.

We went ahead and got him glasses because he is straining to see up close, and eventually with out glasses his eye muscles will get use to this straining and pull his eye to the middle making him cross eyed. We want to prevent that and all the surgeries that can come with that so obviously glasses where a must. What we are hoping for now is that with him wearing his glasses it will help him see properly and let the muscle grow properly. Also by him hearing glasses so young the receptors going from his eyes to his brain will get the message "this is how you need to see" and there might be a possibility that as he gets older he might not need them.

I hope this answers yalls questions

Friday, January 23, 2009


First off I would like to say that this is not Lily blogging its me Raul. It's one of my rare occasions that i find something that excites me enough to blog. Well today we went to pick up Mason glasses after I got off work and I was excited to see what he would look like with his glasses and how he would react to actually seeing full detail in objects. And let me tell you he looked like the coolest dork ever, LOL. And instantly he started to act funny. He was looking all over moving his head and focusing on different objects. I knew then that he could see us and everything around him he started to laugh for no reason, I was very happy for him.
When we got home I read him his bedtime story and was he amazed to actually see what was on the pages it was a cool experience. We are very happy that Mason can clearly now it just made my week after a very long one. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Our Book Club

I wanted to share with yall a book club a couple of my friends and I started. Even if you are in the mainland we would love to share this with you. The current book that we are reading is "A Journal for Jordan" by Dana Canedy. We have a blog ( that you can post comments or any suggestions of books to read.

I am very excited about our current book because the writer wrote about us on her blog. You can read her blog at When I saw her post this morning I was in shock that she took the time to comment about us. I hope everyone can take the time to look at her blog and read this amazing true story.

For any more information about our book club The Reading Wahines please visit our blog at I hope yall can join us in reading such a wonderful story.

Happy Readings!