Tuesday, July 29, 2008


So for about the next 30-45 days it will just be Mason and I. Raul got on the plane about 830am today on his ay to NTC in California. Its weird how life works out, when something goes wrong and only he seems to know how to fix it the good ol Army takes him away. I know it was hard for him to leave because we have a baby now. We will see how I handle being by myself with Mason since I cant say "here raul watch the baby" it will really be a 24/7 job this month. I wonder what changes Mason will go thru in this next month and how different he will be when Raul gets back. Its weird to think that when he comes back Mason will almost be four months.

The good news is that as soon as he gets back we will be going home for a couple of weeks, so im definitely looking forward to his return

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Our first cloth diaper

So we put on Mason first cloth diaper today. We use a unbleached Chinese prefold with a snappi and a thisrtie cover. The cover was a little big for him since when we order it they sent us a small instead of the xs. Hopefully this coming up week we ill get the xs and the other dipes i ordered from diaper swapper. N/e back to his first CD. So i put it on and im expecting him to pee not even 2 min after he has it on he poops. The dipe held up really well with NB poop. im really excited to try out the different types of dipes that i ordered

Monday, July 21, 2008

Bodies Exhibition

Yesterday we finally went to see the Bodies Exhibition down at Ala Moana with some friends. I have been wanting to see this for years and I am so glad it came to Hawaii. I really enjoyed it and was amazed to see the human body like that. For those of you who do not kow what it is, it real human body dissected to show bones muscles organs and all the other parts that make up the human body. When I was taking biology for nursing i had to learn all the bones and muscles of the body and now that i got to see everything so close and soooo real was amazing.

The part that I cant forget is where they showed all the veins and they do this process where basically everything is striped of and all is left is the veins in the shape of the body. You could see all the veins of the hand and it was left in that shape up to the fingers it neat. They also had a embryos for different stages of development. Raul and I both said that its weird how something sooo small in the beginning can give you so much problems. Most of the bodies where men they only had one female in the whole thing. On the female exhibit it was weird because they showed the reproductive system and it looked nothing like you see in a text book. First it was 3D and you really had to look at it to see what was what. Overall I really enjoyed it I wish it would have been a bigger exhibition

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Cloth dipes

Im sooo excited we ordered our cloth diapers yesterday. I bought some on diaperswaper and the rest on baby cotton bottoms. Our main dipes that we r starting of with are the Chinese prefolds unbleached with thirties covers. From DS i got some pockets and all in ones to test them out. I also got i think two other covers to see what we like best. I cant wait to get them and see how they look on Mason. Hopefully this will work out for us because it will save lots of money and its better for both mason and the environment.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Marriage Retreat @ Turtle Bay

View from our room

On our balcony

Mason on the bed

This is the hotel view from down the beach

Thursday, July 10, 2008

2 month checkup

We had our two month check up today. mason is doing real good he weighs 7.3 lbs (just on mamas milk!) and is 20 inch long. He had to get his first set on shot today too. :0( I got teary eyed because he started crying ... but its something that had to be done for his benefit. I gave him baby Tylenol before we left the house and after his shots. He is a tuff little guy he has not been fussy and has just been sleeping all day (finally since he did not sleep much for the past two days). Ral and I here talking about how he already is growing up to fast

Monday, July 7, 2008

Back to work

So i started working Saturday at the Tropics. Im only going to be working Saturdays to give me something to do and see how it all works out. I thought I was going to have a hard time since that night Mason did not sleep at all but I did good up till around 4 thats when I started getting tired. I enjoyed seeing everyone and talking to them since im mostly alone during the week. Raul did really good with Mason I was very proud of him. He even had him changed when I got home with an onesie. He hates changing Mason with anything that has to go over the head so I was surprised he had an onesie on. 

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Last nights diaper change

So I have to share something that its nasty and funny. So Mason has peed while changing his diaper nothing new, he has done it a couple of times. You kinda expect that with a little boy. Well last night was completely new. He shot poop out. YES I said SHOT. It went all over the floor. Thank God it was the floor and not on him. I seriously saw this stream of poop shot from his butt to the floor. I was quick enough to close his diaper but im glad it happen to me and not Raul cause Raul would have run off letting poop go every where. Thats what he does when Mason pees so we always have to change him completely or give him another bath. Imagine if it was the poop.  N.e I just felt like sharing that it was very unexpected. 

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Mason napping

I love to take pics of my little guy so here are a few i took while he was napping

Wrinkly feet like mama

Baby butts

First real bath

We had been giving Mason sponge bath since when we brought him home he had his circ done so he cold not sit in water. This was the first time he got to take a real bath. He seems to enjoy it if i feed him first then give him a bath.
I love this pic of him since we dont get to many open eye pics. 

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

He cries now

So when Mason came home he never cried he only made sounds and that would let me know he was hungry. Well he finally found his voice. He still only cries when he is hungry but for the last couple of days he wants to be on be allll day so Raul has named him leech..lol. The crying did get to me last night cause i was trying to feed him and he did not want it plus he had been up all night. It hurts my feeling to hear him cry that sounds weird but it does. It really is a new adjustment. We have also found out how demanding our little guy is. When he wants something he wants is now. He does not want me to get comfortable to feed him or nothing he wants it NOW.  Raul thinks its funny because he is soooo much like us already. 

Here are a few pics with daddy from the last two weeks

Raul fell asleep burping Mason. Mason loves to sleep on daddy this way so he did not mind daddy passing out.

Raul had just gotten home and is on daddy duty since mommy is of the clock..lol

My two boys sleeping